25-Year-Old Nigerian Pastor Married His 16-Year-Old Sister


Following the tension raised after a teacher married his younger sister in Anambra state, the man in question has revealed how God gave him the vision.

A 25-year-old man, Cornelius Chiadi Ezeibekwe who caused a stir in Ekwulobia in Aguata local government area of Anambra State after he married his younger sister, aged 16 has granted an interview how he was given a vision by God to marry his sister.

The development which is viewed as a taboo in Igboland has attracted the ire of the youths of the community who went on rampage burning down the Sabbath Church where Chiadi and his sister were thought to have been joined as husband and wife.

Chiadi, a mathematics teacher at Community Secondary School, Isuofia, also in Aguata local government area and the sixth of 10 children (eight boys and two girls) by Mr. Louis Ezeibekwe claims he has not done any wrong.

His sister is a student of Federal Government Technical College, Awka, but she left school to enable her observe what Sabbath people call ‘Shimta’. During the observation, which Chiadi said lasts for one year, she must remain in the compound. It was during the observation that the marriage took place. Before then, she had left school because of the controversy generated by her marriage with her elder brother.

Louis Ezeibekwe, their father, 78, and who recently buried his mother who died at the age of over 100, appeared not to be in control of the behavior of his children as he exhibited signs that all was not well with his health.

His eldest son, Emeka, who lives in Port Harcourt and who is not a member of the Sabbath Church, said he belongs to the Winners Church. He also confirmed that their father was not well. Though members of the family were originally Catholics, they later changed to Seventh Day Adventist Church and subsequently to their own brand of Sabbath worship, with Paul, one of the children of Louis Ezeibekwe, as pastor.

Justifying his reason for marrying his sister, Chiadi said: “I am a Sabbath and, in searching through the scriptures, I discovered that one could marry his sibling. So, we went ahead with the arrangement to marry my younger sister.

“The marriage ceremony was observed inside our family compound, which also serves as a place of worship for us. My immediate elder brother, Paul Ezeibekwe, the pastor, was present during the ceremony.

“What happened is that when we decided to get married, we told our parents our intention and my father asked us if we knew what we were about to do. I told him that we searched through the scriptures and that God sanctioned it. It was after this that our parents consented.

“However, our other relations objected to the idea when they learnt of the plan and when we ignored them and went ahead with the marriage, they and other villagers burnt the Sabbath Church where we used to worship because they thought it was in that place that we worship, not knowing that we have since abandoned the place and worship in our compound. The burning of the church does not mean anything to us.

“God told me to marry my sister and she also saw same vision. There are places in the Bible that support such marriage. Those in doubt should read Songs of Solomon Chapters 4 and 5 and 1st Corinthians Chapter 7.

“Since we took this decision, I have not felt anything unusual, or felt that I did anything wrong. In the school where I teach, many people ask me about it and I boldly refer them to the Bible”.

The couple said they will lie low until the controversy it has stirred settles.

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