A Vision That Will Change A Continent Starts With A Set Of Ideas


A vision that will change a continent starts with a set of ideas and collectively working together makes it a reality. Africa as one of the most populated continents of the world has more than enough to make it thrive as a continent of choice. It is easy to blame colonialism for the underdeveloped state of African countries, but that doesn’t justify why African societies are still struggling compared to political instability and limited skills of the African people.

The role of government towards the development of the continent can not be overlooked but over reliance on the government is one critical mistakes that African youths always make. Without further ado, let’s quickly look at how African countries can improve the continent through some deliberate actions and driven policies.


  • To collectively eradicate poverty from African countries through project driven incentives in rural areas:

As it is well known that the society is made up of strata that forms stratification within the society. In essence, we have the rich and the poor, however, if a growing nation is on the mission to improve the country, the major focus should be people in the rural areas. Most residents in the rural areas face challenges of meeting up with the standards of daily living. These standards may include electricity bills, housing, and what have you. One of the ways to make these standards affordable to the rural area residents is through the use of sola energy power. When there is stable electricity, youths will be open minded to creative  business ideas like starting up a business enterprise which will enhance their living conditions.

  • To improve and develop the agricultural sector by accessing and decimating new agro technology procedures to communities in Africa:

Speaking of needs, food happens to be most important aspect of needs even before shelter and clothing. Africa has the best types of soil for agricultural production including livestock farming. Majority of the  African people are working largely because so they would be able to get food and housing. They hardly think of other life incentives like career building and self actualization. With improvement of agricultural sectors, foods will be abundant and affordable to the average Africans and when the need for food has been met and sustained, people will be interested in meeting other life goals apart from food and housing.


  • To develop an indigenous knowledge based economy that would aim at improving economic growth between African countries and raise standard of living within African countries:

Speaking of economic growth, the most important aspect of the society to be considered is the aspect of youth development. The youths are the basis for governance , they control and effect changes be it positive or negative. So how can we attain economic growth in African society through youth development? Well, the answer is “Through skills acquisition. Western education in African countries are based on theoretical teachings rather than a practical application. But with the introduction of skills acquisition through deliberate empowerment programs, the youth will be motivated to find meanings to life.


  • To improve and protect the ecosystem through sustainable alternatives in African countries:

One appalling thing about African countries is over reliance on a particular trade export. Take Nigeria as an example, Nigeria has more human and natural resources that can boost the economic state of the country through effective implementation, but the Nigerian society is just too obsessed with the oil alone. Meanwhile, not all regions of the country have oil reserves, therefore there is an imbalance in the allocation and revenue generation for each state within the country. With proper reintegration of other resources, more businesses will emerge and there will be major economic development.

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  • Build a bridge of linkage between Africans through the organisation of major sporting activities improve the interactions between African youths, identify new visionaries and sportsmen of the future: 

When it comes to sport, it is fair to say that African countries are doing well, not within the continent alone but in the world at large. Sport activities have been one of the things that has create links and interactions between most African countries, especially with the football sport. However, more emphasis and development should be induced into the African sport system.


  •  To promote a platform that would promote leadership and aim at encouraging youths with innovative ideas to develop and actualize their goals:

All forms of education are needed for the development of Africa. The right political education will serve as an eye opener to the African people and it will prevent them from making past political mistakes that will one way or the other affect their individual country.

Also entrepreneurship knowledge is also an undisputable aspect of leadership and innovative trainings. The people can only be innovative when they have been enriched educationally and financially.

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