Catholics celebrates the feast of Christ The King all over the world today.


Catholics celebrates the feast of Christ The King all over the world today. This is one of the biggest celebrations in the Catholic churches all over the world as they mark the ends of the current liturgical year in grand style.

Today after the church masses, the faithful will gather at a point, from there to move on a procession praising and thanking the Christ the Universal king for his blessings.

Christ the king
Christ the king

The feast of Christ the king clearly tells us that Christ is indeed the “Alpha and Omega” (the beginning and the end of all that exists) .

In Today’s reflection; we celebrate Jesus, who is our King and the King of the universe. The crux of today’s celebration is to show us the real meaning of leadership.

This is to call to mind the need for the world to recognize God’s supremacy especially as there’s a move to effect an “eclipse of God”.

Today, our leaders rather than serve the people have failed in this regard; the quest for power and influence has incited many leaders to corrupt and evil practices. Aside them, many family, societal and organizational leaders have failed too.

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Today we urge all Christians to emulate the footstep of Jesus who rendered a selfless service to the world, and not been greedy to provide for the masses who voted them into power.

it is also very important to know that according to the catholic church diary or doctrines, today ends the year for them and from next Sunday begins a new year or liturgical calendar as the case may be. So next Sunday becomes the beginning of advert which is a period in the Catholic and Christendom where Christians begin to prepare themselves for the birth of Jesus Christ which is celebrated every 25th of December every year.

so to this regard we urge all Christians to get ready for the upcoming festive period, and at the same time we wish you all a merry xmas in advance.



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