The Couple of the week as George weds Iveren


When it comes to culture, every states or nations has its own way of handing their daughters’ hand in marriage and the good thing is that no matter the state or nation one may come from, every culture has it own beautiful way to display their traditions.

Today we display a beautiful gallery of the traditional wedding ceremony between Miss Iveren Iyortyer and Mr George Idojiere which took place on saturday the 28th of January 2017 at Mr Iyortyer Ikir country home in Mbakaange community in Vandeikya LGA, Benue state.

The coming together of Mr George and Miss Iveren to become husband and wife was not accidental, as both were perfect match from heaven. George saw in Iveren that perfect beautiful lady he has always dreamt of and wants to spend the rest of his life with and as the saying goes he who finds a wife, finds a good thing. Today we join his family and well-wishers to celebrate this beautiful day.

As we celebrate their union, we at the page magazine says a big “Congratulations” to you guys and at the same time wishing them a beautiful and fruitful married life.
Below are some wedding pictures, In this gallery we are showcasing a rich cultural display of the people of Benue and Edo state when it comes to traditional wedding.

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