Huddersfield ends Manchester United Unbeaten Run


On Saturday the 21st of October 2017, Huddersfield ended Manchester United Unbeaten Run by 2 goals to 1.

The game which started in the afternoon saw the host winning united at first half after United’s defender Phil Jones was substituted for Linderholf after sustaining a hamstring injury.

The game saw a lot of united fans blame Mourinho for the wrong changes and combination of players who could not deliver. At a viewing centre today, while with some United fans, they were all bittered as they blamed united players as for lack of discipline and coordinations.

Meanwhile at United’s Facebook fan page, a fan said and I quote him

I have no words… losing to a side like huddersfield..

We now have an even bigger injury list, 5 minutes after Phil Jones comes off we concede 2 goals.. If we had Fellaini & Bailly this wouldnt’ have happened. I hope everyone can now see how important Fellaini & Pogba are. We’re a sinking ship and without our key players we’re only going down.


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