POLITICAL VILLAGE SQUARE: Anambra Elections (No place like home)



As followers of this blog now know, this section of POLITICAL MONITOR is dedicated to the edifications that are released during the mid day hour which is why we generally strive to post fresh editions around about 12noon everyday. Today we dedicate the holiness of the hour to the passing of a great son of the Igbos in the person of Dr.Alex Ifeanyichukwu Ekwueme GCON, former Vice-President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The sad event occurred at a London Clinic at 10:00 pm on Sunday 19th November, 2017. This exit to the great beyond occurs in tandem with another significant event namely the success scored by Anambra people  in the just concluded governorship elections by retaining power with APGA, a political party that stands tall as one of the legacies of another great son of the soil who preceded Dr Ekwueme in joining the heavenly choirs of eternal praise. Praise the Lord

Anambra people are much Ioved with a passion chiefly because they are bold as lions. Bolder than even the Mbaise people who have been touted for ages as king and wisest among the Igbos. APGA has won the elections and Ikemba Odumegwu Ojukwu must be smiling down from heaven because the party he founded on the ideology of NKA BU NKE ANYI is at this moment signalling the best political direction for all Igbos. This is obvious only to those with eyes to see. On the other hand, it is worrisome that APC beat PDP in Anambra further showing the progressive weakening of the Peoples Democratic Party. The truth of the matter is that as things stand today, PDP, appears to either not have a clear message or not doing a good job of getting out the message and thus attracting the vote.

Anyway even as Dr Ekwueme has gone to the heavenly home, Anambra people can, in choosing APGA, be regarded as having decided to remain at home here on earth because there is in fact no place like home.



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