This days Students puts so much hard work while writing an assignment. They have to do all the research work and digging to get the required material. All of this hard work can shatter in just one second. When in rush, students often ignore little mistakes that could ruin all their work.

For a student these mistakes might be little but they can affect their grades badly. I have some tips and tricks that can save you from failing which I will be discussing below:

First of all gather all the informations that you’re going to write and organize it. Organizing an assignment is a very important step. Teachers do not like unorganized work and get easily annoyed with all that mismanaged material. One thing more when organizing the assignment, always keep the structure of the assignment in mind. Some teachers may ignore the non highlighted parts but some really likes all the highlighting. Be precise, clear and confusion free as much as possible. Crisp sentences put the good impression on the reader. Keep your reader in mind while writing an assignment. That will help you write it according to the way your reader likes it. Write your assignments like a reader. Then you’ll know how to sustain the reader’s interest in your document.
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Always write according to the topic. Do not add information that is irrelevant and vague. Research about everything; make sure the topic you are researching for is up to dated because previous relation can be irrelevant or does not support your topic. Analyze and search the data thoroughly. Check for spellings and punctuations because a little mistake can misinterpret the whole sentence. It is very important to keep the assignment interesting. It requires all the hard work and concentration, right information and new points keep the readers interest. Correct use of your words adds all the plus points in your pocket. Your assignment must be fluent and clear. Avoid making a mesh and or adding way too much then required. And answer all the questions.

Always highlight the important points and use the allotted formats, fonts’ etc. check for wrong spellings and grammatical errors. There are several different online software that can help you to check these errors. This software will help you to get rid of grammatical errors as well as poor usage of vocabulary. When you write an essay keep the word account in your mind. Try to make headings and sub-headings it’ll be easy for reader to read. Do not write less than the given word limit. One thing that is more important than anything is always check for plagiarism. Its okay to gather information from all the sources but you have to mention the source. Students mostly intentionally or unintentionally forget to mention the original source. It will count in plagiarism and that can fail you instantly. Online software are available to check for plagiarism.
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Before submitting your assignments compile your work in a binding or in a file otherwise pages could get misplaced. Count your pages and number them accordingly. Make table of content at the beginning and reference table at the end of the assignment it is very important. Try to mention all the sources from where you get all the information, writers name etc. reconfirm all the information and read your assignment carefully. Read it before a day or two of submission because in a rush you might miss some important things to its really important to read it with full concentration and calm mind. This is the reason why proofreading is highly recommended. Or you can ask a friend to read it for you.
These tips will keep your assignment interesting and add plus points. And all your hard work and sleepless nights will pay off.

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