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The business world provides several examples of what it means to be an incredible entrepreneur. It’s about creating something that people need, bringing together a talented team and making money; all while you are yourself.

Take note of the lessons of 10 successful entrepreneurs on how to be ‘amazing’:

Be yourself:

The most humble moment in business for Tony Hawk occurred in a task of his son in the one who asked him what his father worked for. His response: “I’ve never seen my dad work.”

For Hawk, this is because his work is something he loves. “I found this way of expressing myself in something that is creative and athletic,” he says. Skateboarding was not popular, it gave me an identity that set me apart from others.”

Do not just chase the money:

If you want to start an amazing company, do not base it on a product or service that you think is good just because it will make you money. The key is to create something that people learn not to be able to live without. The money will simply arrive.

“We built Foursquare for ourselves and a group of 10 friends, and it turns out that when you create things that 10 of your friends like, your friends will like their friends as well, and suddenly you’ll have millions of users,” he says. Crowley.

Work hard:

It’s one thing to have a good business idea; and another to have the commitment and the drive to sell it successfully. Mark Cuban, billionaire technology entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team, says that business owners must be ready to work and move quickly. “It’s not about money or connections, it’s about willingness to try and get ahead of others when it comes to your business,” says Cuban.

Hire an exceptional team:

Yes, Bill Gates is a technological genius. But when Microsoft started, one of its priorities was to create a team of talented people. Working with smart, passionate people who work well together can help you achieve your goals faster.

Find the “editor” of your idea:

Even incredible entrepreneurs sometimes need to bounce their great ideas to someone they trust. For David Karp, the popular blogging site TumblrIt was his vision. In the early days, he hired Marco Arment as development manager to help with programming and coding, but Karp often used it as a talking board.

Find the ‘X factor’ in your Business Culture:

Once you have a talented team, you must work to maintain the corporate culture. “There’s usually a ‘X factor’ that’s hard to define,” says Cher Wang. “For HTC, I think it’s our culture. We take the best of our oriental roots and combine them with the best of western cultures where we have leaders and offices. This makes our culture colorful, energetic and creative.” In order to become a successful business Leader like Adam Arviv you should have the following tech characteristics. Adam Arviv Toronto is an Entrepreneur & Investor from Canada and President at Will-Power Management Inc.

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