Tobacco Tycoon ‘Candyman’ Brands His Girlfriends (Photos)


Tobacco tycoon Travers Beynon has attracted criticism on social media after posting an image showing two of his naked girlfriends sporting tattoos of his company logo.

Beynon, nicknamed The Candyman, posted an image to his Instagram account on Monday morning with four naked women.

Two are locked in a passionate embrace, while the other two are facing Beynon, brandishing ink of his Freechoice Australia trademark.

Beynon and the women appear to be on a beach in the photo, captioning the image ‘Beach Bums’ with sand evident on his girlfriends’ bodies.

It is not clear whether the women who are kissing have the Freechoice Australia tattoos, nor is it clear whether the ink is temporary or permanent.

He has posted several other images online of his girlfriends with the same tattoos, even captioning images with ‘#FREECHOICEtattoo’.

The photo has been met with mixed criticism, with many pointing out it creates the image Beynon ‘owns’ the women.

‘Have a go at the f***ing free Choice tattoos’ one person commented.

‘This guys just so weird, he made these girls get a tattoo of his company free-choice like he own these girls,’ another said.

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