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I am Joanna from Poland and I am a 24 years old blogger, owner and author of Everything about CSI:Miami. I have been blogging since the middle of September with a main focus on CSI:Miami and its big educational value.

Today I’m coming to you with a guest post about 10 reasons to watch CSI:Miami because I think that it is really worth to try.

Thank you Reginald for giving me the chance to collaborate and share my passion with your community. I hope you all will like my article and pay me a visit for more information.

  • Thrilling action

The first and probably the most visible advantage of CSI:Miami is the action. Every fan of action film is bound to enjoy watching the police officers chasing and capturing the culprits. Another positive side of the action are the fight scenes as well as underwater investigations. The thing i must praise is that although it is full of action, fights or shootings, CSI:Miami is not extremely violent, so that everyone can watch it.

  • Awesome creators

Another reason making CSI:Miami worth watching is the talented and experienced crew and cast. As an example I can mention the script written by Anthony E. Zuiker, Carol Mendelsohn, Ann Donahue and many more; awesome set of directors including e.g. Eagle Egilsson and Deran Sarafian and last but not least a famous TV producer – Jerry Bruckheimer. Worth to mention the cast as well. Amazing David Caruso as the main character, who maybe is not on the screen all the time, but is impossible not to be noticed with his characteristic red hair and low keyed voice alongside Kim Delaney, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez and many more. Hard not to notice the guest stars appearing in some of the episodes, such as Heidi Klum, Sean Combs, Joe Manganiello and my absolute numer one, Ivan Sergei.

  • Stunning views

CSI:Miami was shot in Miami and Los Angeles together with their surroundings. It is impossible not to notice the beauty of the areas and not to take an instant pleasure in watching them. The shots of the beaches at the seaside near the ocean as well as the wild nature of Everglades are simply breathtaking. Watching this series makes you feel like you are there at that moment.

  • Knowledge about work of the police

Watching CSI:Miami is a great way to get to know the police work from the inside because most of the methods shown in the series are accurate to the reality or just slightly different than those currently used by local police.

  • Educational value

Other than police work, there are numerous things that CSI:Miami may teach us. There is a wide range of scientific disciplines shown in practice, such as medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, ballistics. It’s possible to learn about the law of Florida too. One of the things that I like there are the psychological aspects of the crime, portraits of the criminals and victims as well as the job’s influence on the life of a police officer.

  • Entertainment

I think that this point is kind of obvious, because every movie or TV show is made to entertain the audience, so I won’t write very much here. What I find the most entertaining in CSI:Miami is much music and, most of all, some very funny dialogues e.g. when the officers tease each other in a friendly manner at work, as well as sarcastic remarks frequently given to the suspects by them.

  • Great soundtrack

It is a real pleasure for the fans of The Who, because, the same as in all the other CSI series, the main theme is one of the most famous songs of this band. I think that everyone can find something nice for themselves in the soundtrack, which includes the songs of a wide range of genres, such as rap, rock, latino and many more.

  • Example of how did the career of some young actors start

CSI:Miami features many young and upcoming actors at different age, from toddlers to the elderly people. This series raised many of them to international fame. I won’t write a full list here of course, but I must admit that the most notable actor whose debut was exactly in CSI:Miami, is Channing Tatum.

  • Spotlight on local culture

Next advantage worth to mention is showing cultural variety of the area. This variety is shown especially by featuring the community of various ancestries such as American, Cuban or Russian. Some of the police officers working in MDPD come from various States too.

  • Contact with many languages

Speaking of multicultural places, it is worth to mention variety of spoken languages. CSI:Miami gives the audience a chance to experience this. Throughout the series you can hear American and British English, South American Spanish, some Russian and even French. Such variety can be the impulse to start learning one of them.

Wrap up

Speaking of CSI:Miami it is impossible to say “that’s just a show”, because it contains a wide range of values that may have influence on people’s lives. Having so many things to teach us about, CSI: Miami is not a film, it is a lifestyle. And I encourage you to find some space in your schedule to give CSI a chance it deserves.

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