Has The Game Really Changed ?


The Internet is one of the greatest things that happened in our generation. It offers unparalleled opportunities for everyone. I mean, everyone. Any person can use the Internet to build his personal brand, sell his expertise, create influence and build multimillion business empire.
The game has indeed changed. Internet changed the game. Many things will never remain the same again. Many business models will simply disappear into obscurity because of the Internet. This is why Bill Gates will always be right for saying, “If your business is not on the Internet, you will soon be out of business.”

Soon, newspapers will disappear from newsstand. Everything is moving online. Internet has taken everything by storm and revolutionized the way we interact and do business.
Soon, many hardware businesses and products will soon be forgotten. Stereo cassettes are nowhere to be found. CD plates will even disappear.
Traditional media is giving way to Internet media. Radio stations should start developing radio streaming web and mobile applications. Right now, if I travel out to Lagos, I will no longer get my favourite Enugu radio stations. But, if these radio stations use the Internet as a platform, one can listen to their programs from anywhere in the world.

Newspaper journalists should not just be comfortable with the paycheck they get from the media houses where they work. A journalist in Nigeria can float an Internet based newspaper company of his own. He doesn’t need buy printing machines and setup distribution networks. The opportunities on the Internet are limitless.
A Diocese or church can float a video based web and mobile applications by using the inspiration, boldness and dedication of Daniel of the Bible or other great men of God, young people can watch 2 to 5 minutes of highly inspirational, transformational, educational and phenomenal videos on leadership, entrepreneurship, business, relationship, success, jokes, music, etc from the web or mobile application on the go.
The game has changed. Don’t be left behind.

Think of how to change your life to fit to this moving trend. Don’t be left out in this moving train, you don’t need to have big money to build an empire, you can start by been creative of what you picture of the future, start from some where, don’t be left out.


I met a young lady few months ago who is very creative in bead making and fashion design, with this great talent, if she can get an internet presence through which she can display her products, then a big begining for her…