Actress Susan reacts to video of Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend cheating on her


Susan Peters has reacted to a video showing Khloe Karadashian’s NBA boyfriend, Tristan Thompson cheating on her with two women.

She used the opportunity to slam online trolls who are mocking Khloe with claims that she deserves whatever she got because she also stole Tristan Thompson from someone else.

Susan wrote:

“Be strong @khloekardashian – A woman is born to be nurturing, loving, maternal, even if she might never have a child.

A woman is born to be understood & supported better by other women when her heart is broken while incubating another life inside her body.


So, dear people, especially you little sluts, don’t say “karma” or whatever the f*ck you are writing on her pictures because it wasn’t her fault if her boyfriend left his ex for her!

Why do men never get the blame when such things happen? Why should a woman get all the blame if her boyfriend / husband left somebody else to be with her? What about that man?

Wasn’t he the real BITCH, the SLUT, the IMMORAL? When two people are together, they are the only ones responsible for their relationship. NOBODY ELSE!

I remember the same happening with Angelina Jolie – while Brad never got any hate comment, almost all the women attacked Angelina for “stealing Jennifer’s husband”! Stop with this bullshit! Stealing husbands is not a thing!

It’s just your perverted minds to blame other women for everything, because you still treat men as superior.

You are slaves, not feminists! You justify and look up to every human that possesses a DICK!

The world will never change if you don’t change the way you think. Stupid people.

PS: Wishing all the best to Khloe! At least she got the best gift from this experience: a child she always dreamed of having! You will be a strong momma Khloe, we all love you”.


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