Happy World Bloggers Day 2018


Every 2nd of May is been celebrated worldwide as world bloggers day and today we at The Page Magazine says Happy World Bloggers Day 2018 to all bloggers all over the world.

The journey into blogging is not an easy one because it requires a lot of time in moving around to source for information in order to keep one’s platform going.

To join the blogging world, it all starts from choosing a name for your blog, a niche to specialize on,  then buy a domain name and hosting.  After that you choose the platform you wish your blog to run on.

There are actually different platforms of which includes blogspot,  word press,  joomla,  Wiz,  etc.


And the good thing about any of the platforms is that they are all easy to use.

The different niches in blogging are many and below are a few of them

  • News
  • Politics
  • health
  • sports
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Beauty
  • fashions/make-up
  • business
  • Entertainment
  • etc

there are so many of them but the above are the most popular and well saturated.

For the newbies who don’t really know how to go about it,  they can check the internet for more and better tutorials to get started or they enroll for any blogging tutorial near their environment.

For those who want to use wordpress platform,  there are so many good websites where one can learn from and an example is wpbeginner.com.

Before we drop pen,  we will use the opportunity to say once again Happy World Bloggers Day 2018 to all bloggers all over the world.




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