Jamie Redknapp defends Sergio Ramos


Former Liverpool player Jamie Redknapp has defended Sergio Ramos who has received a lot of criticism from football fans after he injured Mohamed Salah during Champions League final. 

Ramos challenged Salah, forcing the Egyptian man to leave the pitch injured and also collided with goalkeeper Karius before the shot-stopper made errors to hand Madrid decisive goals. Despite the criticism, Redknapp says a final should be won at all costs adding that Liverpool fans could not have complained if it was Cristiano Ronaldo who left the pitch injured.

Doctors later confirmed Karius suffered from the concussion in the final, prompting further criticism that the Spain international mocked.

“[Sergio Ramos’] behaviour on the day probably wasn’t ideal. But if he was in your team and he did what he done and you won the Champions League final, you would be cool with it. It’s as simple as that. If we had a situation and one of our players injured Ronaldo, we wouldn’t be complaining too much. That’s football sometimes. It is win at all costs and Sergio Ramos certainly lives by that,” he said.


Redknapp wants Liverpool and Karius to move on, with the goalkeeper needing to “rebuild his career”.


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