VISUAL ART AND CORRUPTION: A Bumper ‘Harvest of Fear.’



Moral corruption begets financial corruption.  How indeed can financial corruption occur unless one has first of all sold themselves to the devil? What shall it profit a man who gains the whole corrupt world but…

Worth remembering as we position ourselves for a controlled landing into another weekend of responsible fun…and perennial games.



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(a.k.a. OGP and the speed of the receding carrot)

When will the national carrot begin to decelerate and enable the approaching masses to catch up and finally sink their teeth in? We are fond of always talking about national cake as a metaphor of Nigeria’s wealth. We can also metaphorize about wealth by way of referencing a receding national carrot…the one the masses never seem to catch up with from one budget cycle to the next and from one administration to the other. Corruption is the fuel that drives the receding carrot. That is why the anti-corruption war has actually gone beyond showing prime time news videos of a handcuffed Olisah Metuh jumping down from a black maria or Femi Fani-Kayode being led away by stern looking EFCC officers. Instead, there is a reasoned response to the corruption problem which Nigerians are called upon to study intensely. That reasoned and well researched response is the Open Government Partnership National Action Plan (or OGP Nigeria NAP for short). OGP is a 70 member country dedicated to shutting down corruption. And like we stated before, Nigeria joined OGP in June 2016 shortly after Mr. President attended the London Anti-Corruption Summit at Chattam House. The National Steering Committee (NSC) that is running the OGP show in Nigeria is focusing activities on four thematic areas that include Fiscal Transparency, Access to Information, Anti-Corruption/Asset Disclosure, and Citizen Engagement/Empowerment as spelled out in the OGP Nigeria NAP. That plan calls for more citizen participation in the budget process, a better tax system, agile information sharing mechanisms among government MDAs for detection and prevention of corruption, etc. How integrated are the drivers of the OGP process in strategic application of visual art to governance and passionate implementation of the nuts and bolts of the OGP National Action Plan? We will know that in due course so please stay with us here on thepagemagazine. As this Action Plan is implemented, it is expected that the receding carrot of economic prosperity will finally stop moving and allow itself to be eaten. In subsequent OGP Situation Reports, we will try to read the speedometer of the receding carrot and the extent to which OGP the effort is slowing it down.


The search for our first THEPAGEMAGAZINE ANTI-CORRUPTION ICON continues.  Who qualifies for this recognition and what impact is he or she expected to have on the anti-corruption war? Our featured icons of anti-corruption are former or present public servants as well as entertainers and sports starts with incontestable anti-corruption credentials and generally helping those in need. Before featuring an anti-corruption icon here, such a person should have made a commitment to hit back at corruption using thepagemagazine’s SAVE A LIFE campaign. This involves touching the life of a designated NLC (Next Level Candidate). SAVE A LIFE is therefore a micro-economic template for hitting back at corruption and an NLC is a male or female Nigerian not older than 60 years of age battling to achieve financial stability in an intellectual/creative business operation and only requires a small push (just a small push) to explode into financial stability. Are you a present or former civil servant, entertainer or sports star who desires to touch the life of a designated NLC, then it would be an honour to recognize you as a THEPAGEMAGAZINE ANTI-CORRUPTION ICON. Are you an NLC? Then please contact us in order to get connected to our next Anti-Corruption Icon. Indeed, corruption destroys lives by diverting life saving funds into private pockets. Our icons attack this monster in an up close and personal manner by hitting back micro economically.


Our last work here brought up Salvador Dali’s Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory which featured the central theme of melting time pieces. Our interpretation was that these melting time pieces were put there by the artist to indicate the essential pliability of time and our power, as gods, to shape realities in time into the desired outcomes. Today, we feel the need to return to a work that has already featured here before titled Harvest of Fear. Our first treatment of ‘Harvest of Fear’ a work by Bede Ezenwa, was on our Friday, 7th April edition of Visual Art and Corruption. Why do we return to this piece again?  Simply because this work is one of the most awesome flashes of visual artistic genius in contemporary times and actually deserves a 2nd look at this stage of the process. It speaks to the very heart of the Nigerian problem. It dissects and exposes the face of the beast and invites the viewer to stare down the beast rather than allow the harvest of fear to continue. We had previously asked who were the farmers and therefore harvesters of fear? What kind of person would take his hoe and digger to the farm only to plant seeds of fear and eagerly await the harvest? However there is another side. Harvest of Fear serves as a catalyst for elimination of stresses and strains that have weighed down the pilgrim’s progress. It catalyses the elimination of fear from ‘soils’ where it is not meant to grow and gathers the bumper harvest of fear into a heap to be set on fire at twilight. This burning therefore becomes an offering and sweet aroma to He for whom every ounce of fear in one’s soul ought to be reserved.


Have you calculated your RECAP? There are 6 fundamental levels at which the desire for information can be satisfied. Everybody is interested in something and at different levels. These 6 basic levels are measured on a special scale running from 0 to 5. Bing, Google and other search engines normally satisfy desires for information at levels 1 and 2 while traditional physical libraries are still best suited to take care of the other levels (search engines are good to go here too though nothing can replace the ability to recline on a couch with a good physical book). If for instance you have a level 1 desire for information about football, then of course you will need level 1 information materials to satisfy that desire. And such materials would include newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, booklets, etc. However, if you want more in-depth information about football, then you would have to climb up to level 2 materials which would include encyclopedia, Wikipedia, investopedia, handbooks, etc. The greater your level of interest in football or any other subject, the higher up the scale of 6 fundamental levels you have to go. Reading Capacity therefore refers to 6 fundamental levels at which the desire for information can be satisfied. Reading Capacity Utilization (or RECAP) on the other hand, is the specific level between 0 and 5 at which an individual actively satisfies his desire for information in subjects areas of interest be it football, tennis, fashion, computers, art, etc. Have you calculated your RECAP? What is your RECAP average? How about your RECAP in Visual Art? Calculation of your RECAP provides an incentive to ‘climb higher up the scale of knowledge.’ Calculation of the RECAP in Visual Art is essential for stimulating the emergence of a more knowledge driven individual and emergence of a more knowledge driven economic system in Nigeria. The crude oil will not last forever therefore oil based buy and sell economy is not sustainable as we all know. Calculate your RECAP today!



During the week, we heard that a group of young Nigerian artists are gradually coming together under a movement called WORD4WORD ART MOVEMENT. We do not know if they are for real but will investigate and get back to you guys ASAP