3 Important Questions Young People Ask After Sex ?


When two people meet to have sex, it is believed that sex is one of the sweetest things God created for married people, but today it has become a choice for both married and unmarried couples to indulge in.
Many people can not stay for a day or two without having sex and as a result the issue of unprotected sex which leads to unwanted pregnancy always erupt and the question is how do one get rid of this pregnancy before or after unprotected sex or how do one enjoy raw sex without getting pregnant?

Below are three questions young ladies usually asked about preventing unwanted pregnancy ?

  • Will peeing or rinsing out my vagina after sex prevent pregnancy?
    can it lower my chances of getting pregnant?
  • If semen gets into the vulva or into the vagina, is it possible to rinse and wash it out to avoid pregnancy?
  • Taking salt solutions after unprotected sex or drinking too much water can it prevent or stop pregnancy ?

I understand why it seems like peeing or washing after sex might “flush out” sperm and reduce your chance of pregnancy, but the truth is bodies just don’t work that way.

The tube you pee through (urethra) is not the same tube a penis ejaculates into during sex (vagina). Many people don’t realise these are two separate holes, because the urethra is often very tiny and right next to the vaginal opening. Peeing after sex won’t rinse sperm out of the vagina, because you don’t pee out of your vagina (and neither will pooping, obviously).

It’s also important to understand how sperm works. Every time someone ejaculates (cums), they release anywhere between 200 and 500 million sperm, and it only takes one to cause a pregnancy. Immediately after ejaculation, sperm are off like a track team, speeding up the vagina, through the cervix, into the uterus and Fallopian tubes. If there’s already an egg in the Fallopian tubes, sperm may fertilise it. If not, sperm hang out for up to six days waiting for an egg to be released. There’s really nothing you can do to get every sperm cell out of your vagina and other reproductive organs once ejaculate (cum) is in there. Washing, peeing, douching, wiping, jumping up and down, or using spermicide after unprotected sex will NOT prevent pregnancy.

The only thing that can prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex is emergency contraception (a.k.a the morning-after pill). But note that this morning after pill can’t cause abortion if it has taking place. It can only make sperms incapacitated You can take and its taken immediately after sex or you can take EC up to five days (120 hours) after unprotected sex, but the sooner you take it, the better it works.
If you’re having vaginal sex and want to prevent pregnancy, use condoms along with an effective form of birth control (like the IUD or the pill).

People believed that salt solutions is another way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, after intercourse but the truth is that, it do work for some people why others, it doesn’t work. Salt solutions is believed to kill any germ or naked wound and when taken, it goes down the body system and is been passed out as urine. Drinking too much water can not prevent one from getting pregnant but rather it helps to work as a medicine in washing away some dirt in the body thereby making one’s body system normal while causing that person to urinate.

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