He Took Me To Meet His Wife!!!!!

So, a lady has decided to share her interesting experience with us. Her write-up is witty but she insists there is a lesson in there.

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So, a lady has decided to share her interesting experience with us. Her write-up is witty but she insists there is a lesson in there.

Dear First Post Nigeria,

I saw your post asking us to share our experiences. Well, this is mine. It is funny one but I learnt a very important lesson that’s why I want to share it. Pls, post anonymously or else I will sue you.

So…one day, I was bored and looking for new friends online. So I started scrolling through profiles and I saw this very handsome man. I sent a request and he accepted a few days after. 

We started chatting and I found out that he is from one of the Niger Delta states, he is a successful marine engineer and he is married. Wetin concern me if he is married? All my mind was singing was ‘big fish, big fish, big fish…..’. Moreover, I was confident that his wife could not contest with a beautiful young girl like me. I quickly swung into action.

I was always trying to chat with him even though he was not responding well. I was calling him sweet names and sending him bad bad pictures(wink) but this man will always fall my hand. He refused to give me his number and refused to see me.

He told me to stop sending him those pictures because he may be at work and somebody might be beside him when he opens my messages. He said I should also stop sending him messages when he is at home because it is his family time. Some times he wont even open my messages and will not reply when he does. 

Haaaa! Nobody had ever resisted me like this but I kept trying. This big fish must be fried. So one day I asked him why he was treating me like this. He now asked me what I even wanted from him. I told him that I just wanted one chance to see him and tell him about my feelings for him. I was sure that once he sees my fresh, fair skin and hips, he would fall for me. 

So he said okay. That he will tell me when. So one Tuesday evening, he sent me a message that we should see the next day by 5pm at a popular bar. That he told my best friend about me and that they would be together. I didn’t mind. I was very excited. My body was just sweeting me. My people, if you see my short dress and my make up that day. I spent the whole day in the salon making my hair, nails and getting my makeup done.

That evening, I called my cabbie and we headed to the bar. Big fish and I had chatted and I had confirmed that he was there with his best friend waiting. THAT WAS WHEN THE LESSON OF MY LIFE BEGAN.

When I walked in, He waved at me and I catwalked to where he was sitting. There was an empty seat beside him and there was a glass of wine there. He asked what I wanted to drink and I said I would share the wine with him and his best friend. So he asked the waiter to bring another glass.

So I was busy complimenting him, telling him how good he looked in real life, how his perfume was sexy, this and that, rubbing his shoulder…..when one tall, BEAUTIFUL lady walked to our table and sat down in the empty seat. She was smiling so sweetly then he said “Meet my wife. we’re both pleased to meet you. Baby, this is the kinky Eunice, the one that wont let us rest”.


My people, no be small thing. I almost fainted. I asked him what was going on, where his best friend was and he said “She’s my bestfriend. She’s the one that said it would be fun to meet you. She knows everything and she has seen all your pictures.” I could not believe my ears. If you see how they were playing with each other eh? And she was so beautiful. even finer than me. Embarrassment and confusion took over me. Two of them started making fun of me oh. She will ask him “What does your desperate friend want to eat. This type can be very hungry o.” He now asked me “By-force-girlfriend, my darling wife said I should tell you to order something to eat” and two of them started laughing. That was the worst 15mins of my life. 

As I stood up to leave, he said he wanted to talk to me first. That am his guest. I sat down with shame. I could not look at them. He even collected her handkerchief and gave me to cover my laps before two of them started talking to me and advising me together. 

The lessons I learnt that day: 1) Not every man is promiscious. 2) Marry your friend.  3) Never force yourself on anybody 4) What God has joined together, do not put asunder.

His Wife is now my friend. she calls me and invites me for programmes and sends me some cash once in a while to encourage me to do the right thing. Her husband still can’t tolerate me but it is for the best. Hope my story teaches someone something. I just thank God that she did not set me up to beat me or pour me acid. Lol.

FPN, post this anonymously ooohhhh

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