5 Apps To Help You Take Care Of Your Garden


Anyone who has a garden at home knows that keeping it well maintained and healthy is not as easy as it sounds. Not only is it enough to water each day and use a little fertilizer from time to time: It is necessary to take into account the periods of rain and drought, to be alert to run-off and leakage, and to the feared diseases that can ruin all the Effort, we have put in our plants. Even worse if we have varied species, each with different needs. So why do not we let technology help us?

Some of Best Garden Apps
If we dive a little in Apple and Android app stores, we find that there are numerous gardening apps to help us in the care of our garden. From programmers to digital encyclopedias that diagnose the disease of our plants from their symptoms.

Garden Manager
The most basic, for those who are taking their first steps in the world of gardening and still not managed with the times. Garden Manager offers the user the possibility to set alarms for the different tasks of the garden: watering, fertilizing, weeding … The application warns the user in advance when the next alarm is planned to be attentive. It also allows making a photo journal with annotations to record the growth of our plants. By the way includes a search of florists near our area, in case we want to expand the variety of species. It is available free for Android devices.

How to care for plants / gardens
One of the few apps for gardening in Spanish. It offers a complete guide to the needs of various types of plants, from shrubs and trees to cactus or turf. It even has tips for bamboo and bonsai, in case you want to give an oriental touch to your garden. It also provides advice on design. It’s available for free, only for Android.

Garden Insect Control
The solution to noxious pests. This application has a large list of insects that can damage our garden, with information about their dates of appearance and tips to eliminate them. In addition, it offers natural remedies for pests; No chemicals. In the same way, it also explains which insects it is advisable to allow to proliferate among our plants so that they are protected (like the ladybirds, that the aphids eat). All your information can be shared by email or through Facebook and Twitter. It is available for iOS devices for € 0.99.

The Plant Doctor
The botanist in his pocket. This application has an extensive database on diseases that affect plants. The user introduces the symptoms, and the app shows you which are the most likely ailments and the right treatments for each case. What if he does not recognize the disease? Then the user can send a photograph of their plants, describing the symptoms, so that the team of The Plant Doctor offers personalized advice.

Garden Designer
Because good image matters too. ‘Garden Designer’ offers a simple system for designing our future garden design. The app has a large variety of icons (different trees, buildings, roads, furniture, garden …) that can scroll the screen with a finger. The interface allows you to change the size of all elements with the same gesture that we zoom on the screen of our mobile or tablet, so it is very intuitive to use. In addition, in case we are lacking in ideas, also includes video transfer of different experts in gardening.

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