5 Reasons why New York is Popular

5 Reasons why New York is Popular
5 Reasons why New York is Popular

Every New Yorker will tell you that New York City is the greatest and most bustling city in the world, with better entertainment, better food, and, perhaps, better everything compared to any other city on the planet.

That said, it can take time getting used to the place, particularly if you have never visited or in case you are coming from a small city or town in the US. Here are five reasons NYC is so popular and why you should move to New York.

1.     Education

Moving can be overwhelming and difficult, especially for people who have children and families. Being worried about moving the kids to another college or school is completely understandable as quality education is a vital part of one’s life.

With over 170 top-quality schools for kids of different ages and nearly 100 high schools that New York City has to offer, there is plenty of choice for your kids. If you are thinking about higher education, New York City is the home of one of the best and oldest Universities in the US – Columbia University in northern Manhattan. Can you ask for more!


5 Reasons why New York is Popular
5 Reasons why New York is Popular

Some of the best high schools in the city are:

  •        High School of American Studies at Lehman College
  •        Staten Island Technical High School
  •        Townsend Harris High School

2.     Safe Neighborhoods

Although New York is a huge city, it can feel more like an amazing cluster of small and historic towns once you start living here. It is great for families and young couples. Each NYC neighborhood has its distinct flavor and personality.

From the Lower East Side to Harlem, Flushing to Astoria, Coney Island to Brooklyn Heights, and Staten Island’s St. George to Bronx’s Little Italy, the most attractive neighborhoods in the city are brimming with culture and character, and offer something for everyone.

Safe Neighborhoods
Safe Neighborhoods

3.     Convenience

Whether you are looking for a steak dinner after midnight or a super early morning manicure, you could get almost anything you want in New York City. We assure you that within the six-block radius of your apartment, you could hit the local grocery store, pet store, drug store, and wine shop in just a single sweep.

This convenient lifestyle is almost addictive and you will not find it anywhere else. New Yorkers are spoiled, and when they leave this amazing city, they often forget that the rest of the country and even the world lives differently on a standard schedule. This is what makes the city so popular. It is ideal for you whether you have seniors or young kids living with you.

If you are craving the appetizing lamb and rice at 1 am, you could hit the famous ‘The Halal Guys’ on 53rd Street and 6th Avenue—or any of the several street vendors who usually soldier on through those wee hours. If you need that pierogi fix at 3 AM, make your way to Veselka for up to six different varieties of the popular Eastern European dumplings. And for all those occasions when you are exhausted, too cold or just hung-over to venture out, you could always dial up any of the 9,056 places which deliver.

4.     You can See Top Comics

Recently, Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock caused a stir when they performed an impromptu, almost hour-long amazing set together at the famous Comedy Cellar. It is not, by any means, the first time this incredible West Village club in the city has been visited unexpectedly by many big-name stars. For example, Jerry Seinfeld and Louis CK are among the leading comedians who frequently drop by to perform and charm their fans.

And the best part is that these memorable drop-ins usually happen during the weekly shows (for instance, Chappelle and Rock showed up on a Wednesday night). Keep in mind that the cover charge is just $12–$14. Although L.A.’s famous Comedy Store also has a very similar setup and prestige, shows are a little more expensive.

In addition, between the two competitive Upright Citizens Brigade outposts and an incredible network of highly regarded bars and indie theaters that usually host shows in Queens and Brooklyn, you never know when you will see one of the iconic stars of Parks and Recreation, The Office, or Saturday Night Live for cheap.

So, there is no better place to get a dose of laughter than New York City, making it ideal for families.

5.     Unrivaled Museums for Families

The museums in New York City are some of the finest in the country—if not the world. And as you can imagine city kids and even adults know their way around the American Museum of Natural History, the highfalutin and exquisite Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Morgan Library and Museum.

They also dig the gritty and unique Coney Island Museum and The City Reliquary Museum to appreciate MoMA and MoMath equally. And believe us we are not talking about school trips. These kids hit the joints for sheer fun and excitement regularly to check out new exhibits, special events and family days.


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