5 Things to do to kill time for late flight out of Cebu


Have you ever considered 5 things to do to kill time for late flight while around the airport?  Or are you Stucked in traffic? Waiting in line? Waiting for the next bus ride? Waiting for the next train? Well, this is just some of the things we hate to wait but can’t do anything but wait. If there’s one thing that everyone hates, it’s none other than – waiting. We don’t want to waste our time, especially sitting and waiting for our flight.

Lucky for you, waiting for your flight does not have to be boring and waste of time. There are lots of things you can do while waiting for your flight, especially when you are in Cebu.

As the saying goes “When life gives you lemon, make lemonade”, here are some of lemonades you could make while waiting for your flight out of cebu:

Scuba diving
With only few hours before your flight, would you even consider scuba diving? I mean, you’ve been in Cebu for how many days now and it is your last day and you’re just waiting for your flight. Let’s say you’ve missed your chance to learn scuba diving, still you only have few hours left before your flight. As ridiculous as it sounds, you should do it anyway.


With only about 1.5KM from Mactan International Airport, approximately 15-20 minutes away, you could learn scuba diving at the Mactan Scuba Dive Center. The Mactan Scuba Diving Center offers affordable scuba diving lessons, equipment, and experiences you will surely not forgot.

Spending your remaining few hours in Cebu here is worth every penny you will spent.

Relaxing Spa
Cebu is regarded by Agoda.com, an online booking website, as one of the best spa destination in the world. So, after your tiring itinerary and late night conversations with your companions, a nice relaxing wellness & spa in Cebu’s best resort is what you and your buddies need.

I suggest their Signature Massage for a rejuvenating 60 minutes of your life. The attendants are well trained, the ambiance is good and it is very near to the airport. Since it is near the airport, you will not worry about the chances of missing your flight.

Historical Sites
Yes you’ve roamed around Cebu, swam with those large whale sharks, survived canyoneering, and completed your itinerary, but often we forgot to visit these some Historical sites. One of those is the shrine of Magellan, a Portuguese explorer who organized the Spanish expedition to the East Indies. His shrine was believed to be the site where Magellan was killed in the 1521 Battle of Mactan.
Within the same area is the shrine of the considered first hero, Lapu-Lapu. He is considered as the first Filipino native who resist Spanish colonization.

Here you could do your “last minute selfie” and pay respect to the very first hero of our country and the best thing is it is only less than 4KM away from the airport.

For sure you are already tired or sick of going to mall for as you’ve been doing this in your own area already, but one of the best things about Malls in every region is that their stores are very different from each other. Some of the stores and stalls here is only exclusive for this region, this include restaurants, clothing lines, and some other boutiques. So it is always not a bad idea in spending your remaining hours in Cebu to do malling, who knows what you’ll find in their malls?

Guitar Factories
Cebu is well known for its world-class guitars stemming its Guitar industry roots during the early Spanish colonization whereas the Spaniards commissioned the townspeople to make and repair guitars for the Spaniards.
Many years later, Cebu has been a top destination for Guitar enthusiasts and the most famous in the area are Alegre Guitar Factory. A tour in the factory will help you understand the art of creating a Guitar from start to finish. It is also nice to buy here for as they offer affordable Guitars suitable for any ages.

All in all, you should be sitting for 6 hours in airport waiting for your flight. Cebu vacation for some is only a dream, so do them a favor and savor every moment of it. Seize every second, enjoy every minute of it.



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