See This Fire Wood Cooking Stove Invented By A Nigerian

Fire wood cooking stove
Fire wood cooking stove invented by a Nigerian

See this new fire wood cooking stove invented in Nigeria by some talented, craftsmen in Aba, Abia state.

Fire wood cooking stove
Fire wood cooking stove invented by a Nigerian

Everyday in Nigeria new talents are born, most of this talents get developed some die in the process due to certain challenges which is been channelled to economic reasons.

Today we are showcasing one of this products been designed and fabricated in Nigeria by some talented Aba craftsmen.

This product as can be seen in the picture above is a modern fire wood stove design, which can be used in big eateries, or for preparing party dishes.

The intention behind the design is to make the means and platform for cooking to have different choices while reducing the stress and drudgery that comes with it.

The Page Magazine also learnt that there is a big challenge going on in Aba , Abia state to help develop made in Aba goods and the challenge which started in January to close on 26th of February, 2018. Will see those who thinks that they can make Aba great through their handwork or by providing a platform that will help sell this products.

It is believed that, Aba been a city that doesn’t take last in issues that concerns creativity and wealth is developing more marketable talents every year.

And it is an avenue for researchers and wealthy men to have a look at this region and see the possibility of tapping or empowering the youths to be great.

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