9 Exceptional Ideas You Can Do On The Weekend


So sad that most people associate the weekend with drinking booze and smoking marijuana. Clubs are not the only places that you can have crazy weekends.

Fortunately, if you are tired with the club syndrome and want to try something new. Something that will make you experience the weekend and feel better?

Then you we have a good list for you. You don’t have to have hangovers every Monday morning. The key to enjoy the weekend is having a list of activities to do every weekend.

Instead of sticking to one routine, you can alternate different routine. You can still enjoy yourself to the full.

If you don’t know what to do this Saturday or Sunday, here is my full list of activities that you can try.

Go Salsa dancing

If you’re fun of club dancing, try dancing salsa this weekend. You will enjoy the excitement of doing different moves. Salsa dancing is fun.

You don’t have to stick to one way of dancing alone. Look around in social media to find out if there are salsa parties around. Salsa parties are wonderful way of learning how to dance salsa and meeting new people.

Go camping

Take a two day camping. If you’re in the US, you can visit the Yellowstone park or any camping expeditions of your choice. Camping lets you relax your mind and body because it frees you from the busy work and everyday life.

You get to meet experience new adventure, you also learn different things along the way. If you can take kids with you, it can be a wonderful of having fun with your kids.


Weekend Vacation

If you have the money, then you can finance a weekend vacation for yourself or your family. All you need is to look for travel companies that are offering excellent weekend packages.

You can compare different companies package to get a good deal for your yourself or families. With a good package, you can get a nice swimming pool, spa massage, a good chef and other amenities in the location.

Take A Picnic

You can take a family picnic. A picnic is a wonderful way to relax with your spouse or family. The best places for picnic includes parks, zoos or at the beaches.

Take part in sports

If you’re an active person and like to get your adrenaline rushing? You enjoy the love of sweating, then sports are for you. Every weekend you can gather up in teams and decided to do different sports.

You can try canoeing or kayaking in the rivers, or skating and surfing. They are so many sports that you can indulge in the weekend, it doesn’t have to be normal soccer, baseball and softballs.

The Movies

You can go to the cinema to catch up with the latest in movies and series. All you need to come up with friend and carry snacks along the way. You’ll have a wonderful moment enjoying the 3D screen.

Visits friends and family

The next wonderful thing that you can do is catch up with friends and families. Visit those friends that you’ve never visited for years to know how they are doing. You can visit your grandparents this weekend. When visiting your friends or relative on the weekend make sure that you carry a good gift for them.

Chopping woods
Sometimes the best thing to do on a weekend is to finish the tasks that you have lying idle at home like chopping woods. Since most of use fireplace to get wormy, you can cut trees using a gas powered chainsaw to prepare the woods..


Hiking is a wonderful activities to try out with friends on the weekend. All you need is to organize yourself in groups, pack everything that you need and choose a location.

When it comes to hiking you don’t need to walk, you can also carry your mountain bike along and you can bike with friends. If you’re living in any party of the world, you can get wonderful spots that you can hike with friends.


There are so many things you can do every weekend. The boring part about a weekend is sticking to the same activities over and over again. If you want to enjoy every single moment, try changing every activities. For instance, this weekend, you can decide to go for swimming on the beach. The next weekend, you can go to the cinema to watch the movies.

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