Acknowledgement of power


series of questions have been asked and some are still asking that in a family who that it only a man that has power no ,in the beginning Bible made us to know that God created man first and gave him the power to rule the earth but do we also know that he gave eve power also .the authority to bring the family together as one with peace and unity.In the world men only believe that it only them that have power and authority ,women has also because without them in a family the family is half.Nigerian men ignorance has gotten to a stage that the now misconcept their power for another reason to the extent that in so many family now husbands now beat their wife .women are like egg you learn to carry them with care because if it drops it damaged . you afford to learn and know the power you have own your own as an individual. lack of ignorance has made people not to recognise their right ,authority or status of their power .it is the easiest way to disclose knowledge in power .I have found out that in spouse today that there are are two different people you see is either the man is hot and the woman is cold or the other way round .in actual sense spouse should be caring ,learn how to understand themselves properly and believe that it will work out between them .they must try to show their other part of anger to each other in order to show their facial impression to each other and to learn how to control themselves. you must not express the power illegally to people because you might end up losing your self respect

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