What Is The Difference Between Alibaba and Taobao?

Alibaba and Taobao

There are a lot of differences between Alibaba or Ali express and Taobao (Taobao English). We will be also sharing some major differences between these two online shopping marts.

As you know Taobao is a branch of Alibaba and is making tremendous process in the market rather than that Alibaba and Taobao have many differences in their working as well so we are here to discuss those difference for you so you can grant more knowledge of how these two companies work as they are linked with each other but have differences that separate them from being one.



We will start with Alibaba. Alibaba is a wholesale that includes exports and domestic sales and for dealers, Taobao customers as they are individuals and they are mainly Buyer to Consumer or we can say Consumer to Consumer model.

Alibaba is a lot bigger than you think, at the same time Alibaba is divided into international and Chinese stations that is since 1688. They do not have other languages means they only operate in the Chinese language as if you want to search in another language you should have to use google translator to translate the site.

The online market is the best of its kind and is at the top of the world right now. They also connect buyers and sellers means that they can be the third person where you can easily negotiate through a seller and buy stuff.



Taobao was founded by Alibaba group in 2003 ever since that Taobao is making its way to the top. They provide their customer consumer to consumer model means that you can easily negotiate with any other person as the site is working as the third between the seller and the buyer.

You can also open your own stores on their site as they will help you increase your business and will provide you with benefits. You can say like Amazon is working in the USA, Taobao is working just like that but on a bigger scale, they already own 80% of the shares in China. 

Now if you see from a business perspective Taobao has a various variety of product that is not even on Amazon and AliExpress because of the majority of products of Taobao do not sell outside China because of the language barrier that makes the buyers and sellers communications difficult outside of China.

But now Taobao has found its solution and they are increasing way higher as they have developed a website for foreigners as well so they can easily buy from Taobao. The site is named Taobao English and is working all over the world that makes this online market best in the world. 

Taobao has quality products as they sell their products outside of China the reviews are amazing and we have also ordered some products from the site to check if the product comes in the right shape with the same product that we have ordered and guess what the product was the same with amazing quality.

There are fewer reasons that the product is scammed or something happened with that but it can be scammed but it is now decreasing day by day.

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