APC ( The Islamic Rule )


Oh,finally came the end to an old ruling,
Hopes so high for a new beginning,
Lot of parties they all came willing,
Who will give us the best of feeling,
On TVs, radios, newspapers you all went campaigning,
Made promises, threw notes all to ensure your winning,
Visions, prophecies came for you from great pastoral leadings,
We all watched, prayed and kept listening,
The ballots were finally opened for voting,
Various tribes, age groups all came out to cast,
But will you even come out top after all your boasting,
There came the day for result reading,
Nervous we all sat hearing and waiting,
Will you finally be the party sitting,
Asleep I was oh poor me,
Only to be woken up by my noisy neighbors,
All shouting joyously up APC! Up APC!! Up APC!!!
Change, change, change,
Oh you finally won I said to myself,
Your regime took off to a great start,
We all believed in you,
You promised us CHANGE
Oh happy us we all wanted your version of CHANGE,
But, since you came into power,
You filled the air with pain every hour,
You brought nothing but shame to our tower,
Our breakfast,lunch,dinner you made sour,
You make us scream” oh if I had known”
Oh, if I had known I would have done otherwise,
Oh, if I had known I wouldn’t have listened to your lying tongue,
Oh, if I had known I shouldn’t have believed in your change,
Oh, if I had known I wouldn’t have been a supporter,
Is this the CHANGE that you promised us,
I look at my country it is like we are lost,
We all living life of the cross,
You make us feel like we are cursed,
Oh what have you done,
Looking outside all I see terror,
Everywhere I go I see errors,
Oh what a rule like that of Herod,
I pray and I say
Oh GOD come to our rescue,
For only you can solve our issue,
GOD please save my dear country,
this alone through Christ our LORD AMEN.

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