Arsenal Legend Has Offered United Striker Advice

Thiery Henry gives advice to man u striker

Arsenal great Thierry Henry has told Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford that he may have to quit the club in order to achieve his full potential.

Speaking at a recent interview with Sky Sports, the Frenchman said, “One of the most important things for me is that you have to play. You cannot be on the bench and missing games, missing learning about the game and stopping that momentum, and an example is Rashford.”

Henry continued, “Michael Owen had the opportunity to back up what he did the year before because he played, and he played, and he played, and he played -and I can give you more examples. But Rashford at times could not capitalise on what he did from that year (after his debut), because sometimes he is playing on the right, (sometimes) on the left.

Second fiddle


The former marksman also blamed the youngster’s current woes on the arrival of Alexis Sanchez at Old Trafford by adding, “Leave is a strong word. Obviously being from there, he wants to play for United. But he has to play and it is becoming even more difficult for him since Sanchez has arrived.”

Many agree that Rashford is a true talent who may never become the star he is destined to be if he fails to get consistent playing time at United. The Englishman undoubtedly has a lot to think about his future with the English giants.


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