AUTHENTIC Predictions for Nigerians in 2017!!


1. More Billionaires are going to lose more Money in 2017 especially those in the oil sector and Industrial sectors,cos wealth has shifted from these business environments and gone into Technology.

2.  Many smart Poor people are going to become wealthy out of nothing cos the only time the poor become rich is during recession Though this is for the smart poor people.

3.  Cost of things are going to get higher, no apology.

4. More people will lose their jobs, that is for certain. don’t spiritualize it. It doesn’t need prayers, it must happen. cos this is the time for that.

5. More Entrepreneurs are going to be Created cos that is the only way out to strengthen the economy. We don’t need more workers cos workers are not productive people. if u don’t tell them what to do, they can not think out something. Though it’s not so much their faults, cos that is what the Professors thought them in school for 6 wasted years.

  6. Many Students are going to drop out School in search of better Opportunities, as they have come to see the Higher Institution as the Biggest Scam of the 21st Century. Return On Investment(ROI) for a University degree right now in Nigeria is less that 1%. Will u invest ur hard earned money in such a venture?


  1. Don’t use a political point of view to look at the ongoing opportunities in Nigeria.

2. Don’t miss the grace that goes with Recession. Every Recession is a Blessing in disguise. If u miss the grace that goes with this ongoing recession, Wait for the next Century or enjoy the recession while it last.


  Cos History repeat itself every once in a while. During any recession according to economic history, one thing is constant. Viz;
New set of millionaires are produced. Right now Nigerian economy is heavily Pregnant about to deliver new set of Millionaire.

Qst: Are u going to b one of its Babies?
There will be what we call Wealth transfer or wealth shift
Most rich will have to get broke for some poor person to become rich
many big business will have to die for new ones to emerge.
For example, the recent Money scarcity in the banks right now will create a new sector of financial institution as many have lost confidence in the banking sector. And the Banks in Nigeria as we know them are not quick to Changes. So they will be caught on Guard. What a negative effect it will have on them. Well it’s not our fault. Its called, Recession!!!!!!. Money will always move or shift hands every once in a while.. Watch out for this!!!!!
Some will have to cry for some to smile.
Its not your fault that is how it has always been.


  Study what the Economic time Piece is saying and move towards its direction of flow. If u do the opposite please just save some money to buy a marine rope, for Suicide is certain.


Ask serious and meaningful questions.
Don’t Emotionalize the situation.

There is no loyalty in business. If its not working, its not working. the many years u have spent on that job does not count. If wealth has left that business environment, Move and shift to the environment wealth has shifted into.
Importantly, Put God first. Cos u need His assistance to sail through.


Don’t b carried away by the news paper headlines. they are gimmicks meant to distract you from your focus, and to make you Politicize every situations and miss out of the grace that goes with this ongoing recession.

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