If I were to ask you what success means, what would be your answer?  One of the most important key step to achieving success in life is to know the meaning. Everyone defines success in different ways just as everyone’s understanding and application of success differs in our personal life. 

Success is about getting all that you wanted to have. It’s finding that you have achieved your goals or fulfilled your plans and it’s waking up in the morning feeling victorious rather than feeling defeated.


There are no successful or unsuccessful people (contrary to common beliefs) but instead there are people who have the potential to succeed and do things that helps them realize this potential and there are people with the same potential who don’t do these things.
There are certain things that makes one unsuccessful:

• False belief: These are incorrect ideas you hold about something. It acts as limiters to your true potentials and success. Getting rid of false beliefs and knowing more about them is the most important thing and task you should do if you want to succeed.

• External Locus of Control: This is the way of thinking that everything that happens to you is as a result of external factors, saying that an exam is too hard when you did not do well or even prepare for it.
The flip side of that way of thinking is the internal Locus of control which is the way of thinking that makes you believe that you are in charge and control of everything that happens to you. The way you think in life matters, take charge of your thoughts and think positively in other to succeed.

•  Lack of persistence: What is good about having many qualities and skills if you lost hope in succeeding after failing once or twice? The only people who succeed in life are the persistent ones. Failures happens to most of us. Failure is the best teacher than success. Once you learn to quit, you’ll never go on. The strongest most productive people ain’t the ones who wins but the ones who never gave up their goals. A good example is the great Thomas Edison who failed 6,000 time-can you beat that! this one didn’t work, let’s try again, it didn’t work, let’s try again, even when others have given up he didn’t. He saw every failure as a success because it channelled his thinking in a more fruitful direction.

•  Lack of planning : If you don’t have goals or plans then you are going to be a part of other people’s plans. If you don’t plan to be the team leader at your work, then someone else in your team will do so and if you don’t plan to get that high paying job, then someone else who planned and worked for it will take it from you.

•  Lack of self-confidence: If you don’t have a high self-confidence, then most probably you’ll be too shy of presenting your ideas and you may give up your dream as soon as someone tells you they are not possible. You may fear taking risks and so ignore many opportunities that could have made you successful.
You must build you self-confidence in other to increase your chances of being successful.

•  Success related fears: The type of fears that can affect your ability to succeed are the fear of failure and the fear of success. While that both seem to be complete opposites, still, they can have the same effect on you which is preventing you from trying and so leading you to failure.


• Define the meaning of success the way you see it.
• Start with a positive and fresh mind.
• Set a timeline for when you want to achieve your objective.
• Be curious about life.
• Identify the skills you need to sharpen.
• Focus on your objective.
• As much as possible, stay away from distraction.
• Surround yourself with people who are successful.
• Find a mentor.
• Gather as much information as you can.
• Take calculated risks.
• Solve problems and answer questions.
• Be persistent.
• Remember that success does not guarantee happiness.
• Remove fear and doubt from your way of thinking.

The road to success will probably be full of rejection, pain, hard work, disappointment as well as many other discouraging things but when you reach its end, you will feel really happy and victorious.
Find what you love doing and master it. Trust yourself and believe in your abilities. Learn from your failures, there are no shortcut to success,what will make you a success is already in you. Seek advice from experienced people.
Remember, nothing comes easy in life, whatever that have held you back, trace it and start changing. Winners are made of losers who did not quit. Never give up on your dreams.

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