Best Australian Home Designs


Home is one of the most necessary components in a person’s life. Those who do not own a home, dream of owning one in their life. Others who own their, try to improve their homes as well as their living standards.

And the ones who do not own a home but are capable enough to buy one, think about how their house should look like. As this decision can’t be undone, they give it considerable thought.

A home is not always built for living purposes. Many investors buy a land only to build a house over it and later sell it for profit. Many investors also buy houses with in-demand and trendy designs to later sell for profit.

Australian Home Designs

It is the business of the investors. Well, for a house to be interesting enough for buyers, only its building design is not enough. Many other things like the location, interior design and spaciousness play their role for the house to be in demand. In case you are an investor and need some good interior ideas for your next home construction, see these top 100 interior designers in Australia.

In case you are wondering which building design would be best suited for your home, we have gathered some of the best Australian designs just for you.

Hampton Style

The Hampton style of homes is designed for classic beach living. It gives an elegant touch and is done with light colors.


This home design is made to provide sufficient sunlight and air inside the house. For this purpose, the design includes plenty of wide windows. This style is a classic but is still in trend with several variations in it with time.


This home design has taken inspirations from the French style of architecture. The design boasts spacious rooms and a lobby which is usually accessed through the main entrance.


It offers a large roof. The design is an upright structure which feels like a modern-day installment of castles.


Cedar is one of the most modern trends in the home designs. It is a stylish option for those who want to achieve more for less.


In other words, this design specializes in arranging more rooms in a compact area while keeping the urban style intact. The beauty of this style is it does not let the living space out of comfort while providing enough space inside the home.


The Duxton, as you can see, is the clear fusion of modern and classic home designs. It was made with the idea of incorporating a substantial number of rooms and halls inside the home.

The rooms would include the bedrooms along with study areas where the halls may include suites and leisure rooms. At the front is usually the sitting area and the leisure room while the rear may have extra living spaces.


Home designs where to provide elegance and beauty to the house, they also come with many other qualities which are quite beneficial and useful in the long run. But for this, you must choose wisely about the home design you require as it may ultimately change your life for the good or bad.

See the infographic below to know how can you increase the value of your existing home.

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