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Home is where the heart is. It is the place where we live on a permanent basis. Home gives us memories, shelter and a bundle of stuff to rejoice. Homes are usually very close to our heart. Still, we become careless and do not provide our homes the care they require. As a result, they get broken and dirty from places.

Many of the places of our homes get more dirt because they are visited less. The places like garage, store room and basement gather a considerable amount of dirt if not cleaned after times.

But unfortunately, because of the daily grind, many people fail to keep their homes tidy and clean which makes a segregation of dirt and condition of the home gets worse. In such cases, many people ultimately think of taking up the hefty challenge of cleaning the house themselves or they order a cleaning service to do it for them.

If you are one of those who does not hesitate in paying a price to get things done, you might like to check out Home Cleaning NYC. They offer amazing home cleaner services at affordable rates. But if you prefer doing it all yourself, then you would need some help from the best home cleaning equipment we have listed below just for you.

Dust Mop

Dirt can usually be wiped off easily but if you allow it to settle for long periods, it makes permanent impressions.

Dust Mop

In this case, a regular duster cannot do the work. You will need a dust mop which, soaked with mater, will rub off dirt from the floors. Its ‘tentacles’ absorb a good amount of water which allows it to sweep a good floor area from a single dip.If you want to get rid of cleaning the floors every day then simply you can use the Victorian Pine Floorboards which can save up to 90% of your time.

Sweeper with Trap

If you also have to collect garbage and waste particles from the floors along with dust, simple dusting or mopping would not do the work. There are two major types of equipment for that, vacuum cleaner and sweep with a fixed trap.

Sweeper with Trap

The thing with vacuums is they produce a lot of noise, plus they are not very portable. On the other hand, a sweeper which has a trap with it can do just the work for you without making any noise and it is way more portable than the vacuum cleaner.

Scrub Brush

The scrub brush is the solution for those dirt marks which are pretty hard to remove. These marks need ‘special treatments’ from special equipment especially made for them.


A scrub brush is one of those tools, which works great when getting rid of those stubborn dirt marks. Tip: when buying a scrub brush, always find one with a gripper. Brushes without a gripper don’t provide much grip when wet.

Hand-Held Duster

When you have to wipe dirt from objects like shelf tops, fragile decor pieces or stuff like intricate artworks, they require time to be cleaned properly. Plus they also need care so as to not break them.

The hand-duster is the solution for all this. It is pretty fast in removing dust from such objects and you do not have to worry about even moving or holding the objects to clean ‘em off.

Hand-Held Duster

Home cleaning can be very tedious unless you make use of the equipment described above which will make your home cleaning not only efficient but also way better. See the below infographic to get an idea of how clean is your home.


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