Best places to visit in New Zealand

new zealand

Travelling is the best way out of a stressful and hectic routine. We all are tied up so bad in our daily life and our office jobs that we just don’t find enough time to spend with our friends and family which also leads to depression and other sorts of issues.

However, if you are looking forward to going on a pleasure trip with your family then we suggest you book your tickets for New Zealand as soon as possible because this is going to be the best and the most memorable trip of your life.

new zealand

New Zealand has been the center of attention for travelers and tourists for a long time now and it is but an undeniable fact that it is one of the most beautiful and wild countries of the world which will make you drop your jaws by its stunning and natural beauty.

Today in this article we are going to list down some of the best places that you must visit once you are in New Zealand.

1-Bay of Islands

Are you a fan of watersports, fishing or sailing? Well if yes then you need to head straight to the Bay of Islands when you enter New Zealand.

new zealand

This jaw-dropping Island lies between Cape Brett and Purerua Peninsula and it is made up of 144 Islands. Want to get the best of this place? Well, we suggest you go for scuba diving and thank us later. Furthermore, if the condition is reasonable and fine, you can also swim with the wild dolphins and explore the underwater world as much as you can.

2- Waiheke Island

30 minutes of boating from Auckland can bring you here to this one amazing Island which consists of stunning beauty. This island is a home to a lot of vineyards, imagine sampling 14 different vines on your pleasure trip?

new zealand

Well, it definitely sounds interesting and hard to resist. The vineyard will definitely make you hungry but don’t worry, the Waiheke Island has some finger licking good food which will satisfy your appetite like never before.

Don’t you think that a jaw-dropping view of Island and some really good food and a wide selection of vine is the best combination of the world? Well, if yes then what are you waiting for? Waiheke Island is looking forward to getting explored by you.

3-White Island

The best and the highly active volcano in New Zealand is the White Island. If you really want to make your trip the best one of your life then we suggest you take a helicopter ride with the Volcanic Air Safaris.

new zealand

You would have to wear some hard hats to cover your head and hard gas masks too but the view will be so mesmerizing that you will definitely get lost in it. You can also take the boat or go for scuba diving to explore the volcano of the White Island. People living in New Zealand visit this place just once in their lifetime because yes, it is that worthy!

Overall Verdict

Pack your bags, take a break and book the next flight to New Zealand because now is the right time and we assure you that this trip is going to be the best trip of your life. Don’t forget to take the camera with you because the above-mentioned places are going to force you to take pictures and capture the moments.

This is it for today. Stay connected and keep reading because we’ve got a lot more to talk about traveling and the world’s most beautiful places. Till then, keep sharing and keep loving our articles!

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