Best Portable Room Air Conditioners In 2018 – A Buyer’s Guide


The modern era is known as a hectic and competitive era, where everybody is striving hard to accomplish their objectives. However, achieving your goals isn’t enough! You also need to take care of your health and sleep.

Therefore, if you really want to enjoy a proper slumber in your room; then don’t forget to have an air conditioner. Now the query is which air conditioner is best for you? Well, you are on right track!

Best portable room air conditioners in 2017

The new portable air conditioners are best to prefer because you can easily move them to any place where you want to take a rest.

There is a huge variety of best portable room conditioner available in the market or online, but which one to prefer and what are those factors you need to consider at the time of shopping. An air conditioner can be little costly to you but somehow if you are looking for some fans which can work as your air conditioner then here we have reviewed some of the best air fans I hope you will love them. Let’s talk about each and every aspect in the detail.

What is the perfect BTU measure?

The measure of the quantity of energy that is required to cool a pound of water at maximum 1 degree is BTU. Basically, BTU stands for British thermal unit that shows to which extent an air conditioner can function in terms of space.

The BTU differs with the change of air conditioner having around 5000 – 8000 BTU and can cool up around 200 square feet space. In short, the higher the BTU will, the room will be more cool and comfortable.


Things you need to look before purchasing an Air conditioner

There are certain things or you can say specifications, you should check before purchasing an air conditioner for you.

Proficiency that adds value

It would be great to look at the efficiency of your air conditioner. Purchasing a small unit for a large room will not make it cold. Obviously, in summer season; we just need a normal temperature room to sleep peacefully.


Therefore, if you are purchasing an air conditioner for a large room; don’t prefer smaller unit because it will be non-effective. In short, the effectiveness of the unit needs your information of the intended coverage range.

Piping Length

Another factor, you need to consider is the lengths of the cord and the hoses. Basically, the size of the hoses should be considered, like the distance between the unit and the window. Generally, the sizes of hoses are 5 to 10, however; you can also get longer ones by spending more.

Drainage System

Always keep in mind that air conditioner operates by cooling of hot air and delivering room with the cold air. In this procedure, you also need to consider the result that will take place in the production of moisture.


Ultimately, it becomes a compulsory to have some drainage system with your air conditioner. Usually, air conditioners have compartments or drain pipes, so it would be awesome to prefer such air conditioner.

This thing also comes under the category of the efficiency of an air conditioner.


It is true that most of the air conditioner does not have a capacity of air purifiers, but it is compulsory to have an air filtration system.

The dust and debris can become the reason for mechanical mutilation to units and its elements. However, a good air conditioner must have some filters because it will play a role in cleaning.

Portable Air conditioner is noisy? A common question

The sound is the basic factor, everybody is concerned about. It is pretty obvious that you can sleep peacefully in a room full of noise. Therefore, make sure to purchase an air conditioner produce less sound.


However, the loudness or the noise of an air conditioner depends on how the powerful device is. The powerful the gadget is, the louder it will be. In short, nowadays conditioners have been devised with different ways of reducing the noise by the insertion of the sleep mode.

Where to Place an Air conditioner?

The last but not the least; where to place an air conditioner? Well, it would be great to place your portable air conditioner near the window or door. Obviously, ventilation is also important to have the right amount of oxygen in the room.

Therefore, place your conditioner at the right place to enjoy a safe and sound sleep. Moreover, Excel Aircon Brisbane is also a good choice for people who love to sleep in a peaceful atmosphere. Basically, excel air conditioner is very popular nowadays, as it is an award-winning DAIKIN professional dealer.


In short, make your life easy by keeping the above points in your mind at the time of shopping. No doubt, there are a number of brands or companies offering air conditioners, but not all of them are reliable and offer a warranty.

So, when it comes to portable room air conditioner; it would be awesome to check out all the features carefully unless and until you are not satisfied.You can use portable Air Conditioners in your home office as well and if you want to look your home office look like homely than make sure to click here.



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