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Are you looking for the Best Websites for WordPress Theme for 2017? it is very important to know that themes are what we like to change every now and then, in order to keep the platform customized, beautiful and more importantly, unique compared to others. The platform can be anything; a personal computer, mobile phone, etc. Similarly, WordPress is not an exception here. People use the blogging platform to share unique and creative ideas with others.

What is WordPress? Well, WordPress or better known as is the easiest and the most powerful blogging and website content management system available today. It even allows users to create free websites and blogs.

Anyone can share their creativity or personal style on the WordPress platform. All you need to do is, register yourself, keep your contents ready and choose the right theme that suits your website/blog content.

WordPress provides a plethora of free themes to choose from. Also, you can buy the premium themes. These free and paid themes are directly available in WordPress and there are certain third-party websites offering the same. For example, Mythemeshop is one such website that offers free and premium WordPress themes. And also there are lots of Best Websites for WordPress Theme for 2017 available for any customer to pick at a low price.

Mythemeshop Themes:

Mythemeshop is a third-party website that offers a wide range of free and paid premium WordPress themes and plugins. These themes can be previewed, downloaded and applied to your WordPress website. Mythemeshop themes has a clean and user-friendly interface. It has categorized the themes in the following categories, which we are going to look into in brief.

1.      Blog:

This category features themes for blogging websites. These themes are really great for any bloggers hosting a WordPress website. It definitely is a recommendation for photographers, fashion enthusiasts, travelers, food bloggers, and other bloggers.

My pick from the list of blog themes is Clean. As the title suggests, it is a clutter-free, fast loading and minimalistic theme that is ideal for creating a great blog. This theme is highly customizable and is one of the ultimate multipurpose themes available in the market.

The actual price of Clean is US$69; however, currently, it is on sale for US$59.


2.      Business:

Business themes are the perfect WordPress themes for business websites. Perfect for showcasing products and services that your business offers. It is ideal for writers, freelancers, corporate business, builders, etc.

My pick here is the myPortfolio theme. It is a stunning, responsive and highly modern WordPress theme suited for businesses that want to showcase their services and products. Like Clean, it is also on sale for US$59.

Business WordPress theme
Business WordPress theme

3.      eCommerce:

eCommerce is a fast-growing industry. Today we can buy almost everything online. And there are no shortages of eCommerce websites out there competing with one another. Themes play a vital role in attracting customers to an online store. Mythemeshop offers a collection customized eCommerce themes that one can choose from.

My pick here is the WooCart theme. It is one of the ultimate eCommerce themes for selling products through an online store using the WordPress platform. Like the other two themes, this theme is also on sale for US$59.

E-commerce WordPress theme
E-commerce WordPress theme

4.      Magazine:

There are over forty Magazine WordPress themes that Mythemeshop has to offer. Magazine themes are ideal for websites focused on viral topics, health, technology, news, blogging, sports and much more.

My pick from the list of Magazine WordPress theme is SocialNow. It is a beautiful WordPress theme that is ideal for sites that rely heavily on social media marketing. The theme has tons of features and a truly professional look and feel.

SocialNow is also available on sale for US$59.

WordPress magazine theme
WordPress magazine theme

5.      Free:

Yes, as mentioned earlier, Mythemeshop does offer free themes. These themes can be downloaded and applied to your WordPress site without paying a penny. There are around nineteen free WordPress themes in Mythemeshop.

These are best for a startup or a personal website/blog, where a person can start without spending extra on themes and maybe upgrade it to the premium theme later. Well to pick a favorite theme here is quite challenging as it has many sub-categories like free-business, free-blog, free-magazine etc.

Free WordPress theme
Free WordPress theme

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Alternatives to Mythemeshop:

Mythemeshop, as elaborated above, is undoubtedly a great destination for free and premium WordPress themes. However, if you are not satisfied with it or you want to look for WordPress themes somewhere else, then we have the following alternative websites that you can look into.


MOJO Marketplace:

MOJO marketplace is a large marketplace for WordPress themes. It boasts over 900 premium themes for WordPress websites. Every theme available at MOJO Marketplace has undergone manual submission process where their team examines each theme carefully to ensure high-quality coding standards.

You will find the themes and services organized neatly into topics and categories. It also has a filterable search feature, which allows you to quickly discover themes designed for a specific category. The marketplace also has support forums for each theme where you can browse past queries or ask for help.

Mojo market place
Mojo market place


Themeforest is another marketplace for WordPress themes. It offers a huge collection of premium themes which are organized neatly. You can find your preferred theme by browsing the organized categories or just by searching for specific keywords.

The marketplace boasts of having some of the top-selling WordPress themes of all times. Here in Themeforest, each theme-developer is responsible for offering full support and documentation for their themes, most of which are offered on a six-month license period including support and updates.

One can easily read the user-reviews, ratings, and also see the developer-portfolio of the theme before purchasing it. All the themes in Themeforest are thoroughly reviewed and tested for quality and best practices.

WordPress theme
WordPress theme

Click here to visit Themeforest

Wrapping it up:

Themes play a very crucial role in how your website is portrayed. Also, choosing the right theme a website is very important as it has to match the contents of your website.

This is all about the websites that offer free and premium themes for your WordPress site. I hope you found the right theme from the above-discussed marketplace. If so, let us know in the comments section below. Also, drop any feedback or suggestions, or if you want to let us know your favorite WordPress theme. Cheers!


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