A Nigerian Lady today Shared a Bitter Story of How Her Boyfriend Went to  Marry Another Lady Without Telling Her on a Facebook popular group called Igboist.

Below is her story as she wrote:


Our story began on the day he sent a message to me on WhatsApp (check the photo), over the next few weeks our texts escalated to voice calls, video calls, everything was going on well. Lots of texts, long phone calls e.t.c ….

I asked if he was in any serious relationship, he told me about the lady he was dating in his school days that is now married, I asked so you don’t have any serious date he said just few female friends nothing much…, we got talking till last week Monday as we were talking on phone he told me he will be traveling to Enugu for his cousin wedding,

the relationship was still going on well till on Thursday night as we were talking on phone as usual he said he has packed his bag into the car and that he is so tired after packing his stuff for the journey to Enugu from Delta the next day, I was like what are you packing that you are tired are you the one wedding (as though I know), he said no that after the cousin wedding he will visit the village and do one or two things before coming back, the next day been Friday I called in the evening to ask after his journey, he said it was stressful and that he would like to sleep, that we go talk later, I waited till 9pm called again he picked and said he is preparing for his cousin bachelors eve.

There was no communication on Saturday, I felt he will be busy with his cousin wedding, I only left a message asking how was the wedding, he replied the next day been Sunday that it was fyn, I could tell there was something wrong, because the Samson I know would have start gisting me about the wedding, I felt he was still tired.. he called later we talked as usual.. he called on Monday and was telling me about the issue he had with the sars on his way to Enugu… pitied him when he said that they collected 40k from him.

The communication continued till on Thursday night around 10pm he called me as we were talking, he said he will call me back, waited for the call and I slept off, but drop a message before going to bed, the next day was a busy day for me at work later in the evening decided to check on him, it’s unlike him not to have called, found out he has not read the message, went to messenger only to found out he has blocked me… called him to know why he blocked me on Facebook, he said am not the only person saying this to him today, that it’s like they’ve hacked his account… later that same day got an information that he is getting married i told the person is a lie, chatted him up to ask him if he is hiding anything from me like him getting married,he said No and that I should stop that…, only for the person to send me pictures…

we had plans of spending this Christmas together a week to the day he traveled to the east….,, serious plan oooo, the heart of men is desperately wicked, like how did he plan to do that is still a shock to me …..
I don’t want to start with how much effort I have put in bid to make the relationship the best it could be…. Emotionally, materially, time, love ,gifts e.t.c
Some of my friends said ;please don’t tell his wife.
few said; just forget it he is not worth the angst…

Others said; let his wife know ,that she ought to know, before he does it to someone else, that if the situation was reversed would I want her to tell me? Of course I would…. so I did just that…. am I wrong for telling his wife and again will my curse not affect him because his heart is bleeding


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