In our last release of Business and Pleasure, we talked about bitclubadvantage or BCA (or even bitch-club-advantage for those who feel sufficiently fed up), a Brazil based cryptocurrency investment platform that is now trying to teach Nigerians an art they thought they knew too well, namely 419. BCA was served up to Nigerians as yet another way out of perennial hard and tough times. For those readers joining us for the first time, this column called BUSINES AND PLEASURE carries two sections namely PONZI WATCH and AUTHENTIC BUSINESS. Ponzi Watch tries to alert Nigerians to phony get rich quick schemes that only end up making money for a few people including exposure of pyramid schemes that allow a few to cash in and cash out while leaving others with High BP. As for whether BCA is a scam, there are extremely strong indications to that effect. Efforts to secure interviews with BCA leaders in Nigeria continue to prove abortive. The first of BCA Nigeria leaders to be approached for interview is a man popularly known as Mr Success Guaranteed. The first request was for a WhatsApp interview which was agreed to but when the questions were sent to the extremely zealous and dogged Mr Success, the questions were ignored. The most recent offer was for a Face to Face 20minute Interview at Sheraton Abuja, Hotel lobby. However, as one can see from the above screen shots of the chat, that interview did not hold.
The most recent outrage from BCA is that they have set Sunday, 9th September, 2018 as deadline for when all investors must either renovate their accounts or lose all the money they have with this elusive Brazil based establishment with no published official address on their website. That means investors lose all their capital and profits unless the Renovate before the deadline. And of course renovation means paying yet more money into the system. This means war. A WhatsApp group has in fact been formed to knock out this criminal attempt to make away with people’s money. Letters are being sent to the Nigerian Embassy in Brazil and to the Brazil Embassy in Nigeria. If the bushmeat is determined to escape, the hunter must be doubly determined to shoot straight! That is why the WhatsApp group formed to pursue these wild animals from Brazil and Nigeria has appropriated their 9th Sept, 2018 ultimatum for themselves by stating that:
Before 9th September, 2018, BCA should do either of the following;
1. Pay all investors their capital and carry their profits and wahala and go or…
2. Move all investors to their new platform called BitClub African and pay them according to current prices of bitcoin.
Mr Alex Pariera, owner of BCA, Brazil, Mr James Mbele, CEO, BCA Africa, Mr Success Guaranteed (whose real name is Ibrahim something not sure of his surname) and all those in positions of responsibility, God will judge you for your callous dealings if you move ahead with this ultimatum. There are many legitimate ways out of financial challenges such as you are grappling with. Your proposed deadline is criminal. Cancel your deadline now!authenticates


Dear readers do not let this coverage of BCA’s criminal intentions discourage you from buying bitcoins. BCA is into playing people from the middle rather than stepping out of the way and allowing people trade directly. Seek therefore to buy your bitcoins by yourself and sell when prices go up. If you go to, you will find that the price of bitcoin is between about $6000 and $7000. Last year December 2017, bitcoin shot up to $20,000. So we are moving into the months of appreciation and who knows what the ember months will bring? For those who may wish to buy into this, go to, sign up a wallet and talk to God

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