Christians All Over The World Celebrates Palm Sunday


On Sunday the 25th of March, 2018, Christians all over the world celebrates the the feast of Palm Sunday, a celebration which is done once in a year and usually the Sunday before easter Sunday.

Palm Sunday is seen as the beginning of the holy week, a week which describes a lot of significant moments in the holy church.

In the Catholic church, it is seen as the most holiest week, a week were the death of Jesus Christ on the cross is been celebrated on good Friday.

The week has so many activities starting with the Holy Thursday event, where the mass of last super is been celebrated and the washing of the legs of the chosen twelve. On that holy Thursday, there are usually two events that happens in the Catholic church.

One of the events is been done in the morning at the Cathedral where the anointed men of God (I.e the Reverend Pastors or Reverend fathers) gather with the bishop to celebrate what we call Chrism Mass, during the celebration, all the candles and anointing oils that will be used in the church is blessed and also it is seen as the day the institutions of the holy order was established and also the sacrament of holy communion was also established by God.

The second occasion which takes place in the evening, is done at the various parishes all over the country, where the faithfuls gather together to celebrate the Mass of the last super, a celebration where we are to remember the last super Jesus had with his disciplines and when he said do this in remembrance of me. At that mass, there is also washing of the feet’s of some selected faithfuls who represents the disciplines of Jesus Christ.

After the Holy Thursday follows good Friday, a day where Christians all over the world celebrates the Crucifixion and death of Our Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross.

The events on this day usually starts at noon time, with some dramatic display of how Jesus carried the cross, fell 3times, and the challenges He met on the road and till the point of where he was nailed on the cross also including the words He spoke to the good thief  and His last word before He died on the cross.

This day, there is a veneration of the cross, a culture whereby Christian are obliged to kiss any crucifix and or genuflect before any crucifix.

The holy week which started with palm Sunday eventually comes to an end on Saturday evening with a Virgil Mass where the faithfuls celebrates the resurrection of Christ from death.

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  1. Happy palm Sunday to all Christians all over the world. Wishing you guys a beautiful and successful holy week activities.

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