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Until some time back the Ecommerce was majorly used for the lifestyle items only but with the changing times the scope has widened and of late the Ecommerce has found favour with the small grocery stores too. Many of these websites don’t stock the inventory or have a physical shop. They generally work as digital venue for receiving the orders and forwarding it to the brick and mortar shopkeepers who are responsible for arranging the order and delivering them to the client. So, if you are also looking for starting any such website and earning a good regular income by collaborating with the local grocery stores then this article can help you a great deal.

Initial Phase

Once you have already selected the platform and are through with the quintessential digital requirements like domain and web hosting, you need to establish the business tie-ups with the grocery shops in your vicinity. This step could be very easy or extremely difficult depending upon the place where you are located.

  • For example if you are located in a well developed vicinity there the shopkeepers are sufficiently educated and know the benefits of digital efforts in promoting their business could be much easier for your to convince them.
  • However if you live an area with traditional shopkeepers w oar unaware of internet then you will have to accept the challenge of communicating your plan to them and convincing them. You need to be expert in the local dialect in order to find a positive chord with such shopkeepers. Besides, you should try to save the technical or other complex details for yourself while revealing to them only the relevant information.

Revenue Models

There are multiple ways of earning revenue on your online grocery store. However, it is advisable to stick with the basic revenue models like commission during your initial phase and other revenue models can be adopted during the latter stages.

  • You can either charge monthly fees for your services or just cut a specific percentage of commission on each order placed by the customer. In most of the cases the sellers are more interested in partnering with the service provider on commission basis.
  • While working o the commission based system you should be careful while levying the commission on different categories of items. For examples you cannot levy the same commission on the pulses and perfumes.
  • The general rule is to put a modest commission on the items of need while or the lifestyle items like perfumes or accessories you can levy a higher amount of commission. The same rule applies for the items that can easily be sold and the ones that rarely find customers.
  • As you progress you can then hire a professional market research agency to identify other vital aspects like Popularity of specific products/brands.

Earning the steady income

Once you have established your brand with a good stream of regular clients then you may decide to go for the fixed subscription charge basis. It will allow you to earn a steady income that, in turn, will induce the required funds to be invested towards further strengthening your platform and girding up the digital efforts by revamping your content or hiring an SEO agency.

  • In most of the cases the subscription based model should not ideally be the singular model to be practiced as in the long run it can limit your earning potential. You not are able to earn a premium income on the increased prices of commodities or larger order sizes as you will only be getting a fixed monthly amount.
  • The choice between charging a subscription fees VS charging a precise commission depends upon whether you are only an IT service provider or own your grocery store in the physical world. For the former the commission model works the best or they can even leverage their income reasonably by designing a blend of subscription + commission basis.
  • If you own your one physical shop and stock then it is best to go for the service charges basis where you will be able to earn more by offering the facility of online ordering and home delivery to the clients and it will also help you to widen your reach an increase your clients in differing regions even the ones that don’t come in your neighbourhood.

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