Dorcas Fapson releases unmuted version where the Taxify driver was speaking…


The taxify driver and Dorcas kidnap/rape allegations is still ongoing, with many folks on social media analyzing and sharing their thoughts on the issue.

Many are of the opinion that the driver is innocent of these allegations by DSF, while others think the driver is indeed a kidnapper.

The driver shared his side of the story; [Read Here] 

…and then DSF countered his claims and then she released some video evidences. Though some folks on social media have analyzed both stories and they still think Dorcas’ version of the story is false!

Watch what she released:

In the above video, there was a “muted” part where the driver was uttering some words after Dorcas pepper-sprayed him, but we couldn’t hear..

DSF had to bow to pressure, and she’s released the part she previously muted..

In the unmuted version, Dorcas was seen calmly screaming, “This man is trying to rape and kidnap me. This is a taxify driver that is trying to rape and kidnap me”.

The driver can also be seen calling out a name, “Chidinma” … Recall, in his side of his story, he said he called out his sisters..

The driver also said: “Ritualist… You want to take me to a ritualist”.


Read also a very brilliant analysis by concerning the whole issue;

ANALYSIS: It is worth noting that the shared video was edited as some parts of the video which would have shown vital evidences to support a rape claim was missing or maybe trimmed off.

Also, a part of the video where the driver was seen standing outside the car, obviously saying something, with Dorcas inside the car was muted. Some facts can be established from their stories owing to what the video presented;

The driver drove to the front of a gate and came down; We can’t tell if he went to open the gate as Dorcas claimed or he went straight to open the car door as he said in his own story as this part of the video was missing.

The video didn’t also show the part where she collected the car keys, but that fact can be established as they both agreed to it in their different epistles. I would say that it is understandable for one to result in a bit of violence or struggle to recover his car key if another person seizes it like Dorcas did, and I wouldn’t see that as a rape attempt, if it is true, just because it involved a male and female… Dorcas said she was frightened and feared a kidnap when the driver was driving towards the gate, but from the video she appeared very relaxed and was recording.

More so, the driver opened his car door and left without closing it. It should be worth noting that for someone who is fearing a rape and kidnap attempt, this would have been the best chance to make an escape attempt, she could even move to the driver’s seat, lock the doors from inside and drive off in a bid to escape, but she didn’t… Rather, she went for the car key, sat back and waited for him to go open the gate as she claimed and then came back to attempt to drag her inside. That is questionable.

Dorcas Fapson releases unmuted versionDorcas also said in the video that he tried to drag her out of the car by her waist and then she pepper sprayed him to make him move back.

She didn’t say how she handed back the key to him, whether by will or through a forceful measure by Henry which could also be when she pepper sprayed too as Henry claimed.

After being pepper sprayed, it is understandable for one to get bitter and result in violence to retaliate which may not necessarily be a rape or kidnap. She said she tried to get out and Henry refused and pressed the door against her leg…

The video showed Henry with his hands on the door, but didn’t show the leg that was pressed against. What was said in this part of the video was muted when Henry was talking but only regained the sound when she talked (Why?)… Henry claimed he was telling her to come down…

What was seen was Henry standing outside the car, and Dorcas inside with no form of struggle or violence until she pepper sprayed him from the inside of the car. Meanwhile, no rapist nor kidnapper would be comfortable with you recording him on camera while he is carrying out his unlawful act.

This part is also questionable. Finally, Henry must have been a very big idiot to try to kidnap and rape a customer who booked him via Taxify as he is fully aware that his details would be available and he could be traced or maybe he is sex sick.


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