English Football League scraps extra – time in Cup rule changes


The English Football League has scrapped extra-time in EFL Cup matches from next season.

Additionally, penalty shoot-outs will take place immediately when games are drawn after 90 minutes, and they will be taken in the traditional sequence and not the ABBA format trialed in last season.

 EFL scraps extra - time in Cup rule changesThe rule change is intended to reduce the impact of EFL Cup matches on players’ fitness after statistical analysis showed that more than 15 percent of matches went to extra-time over a three-year period.

The governing body also announced that video assistant referees can be used in any EFL Cup fixtures played in a Premier League stadium. Seeding arrangements in the first two rounds of the competition have also been removed, as voted for by EFL clubs, but fixtures in the first round will continue to be regionalized into North and South sections. Manchester City won the EFL Cup in the concluded season.

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