Why Ethnic Minorities May Suffer If Biafran Republic Is Achieved.


The agitation for Republic of Biafra has been on the
front burner of discussion in the
last few months. The leader of
Independent People of Biafra
(IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu was recently
granted bail after spending almost two years in detention over an
alleged declaration of Biafran
Republic via his radio station.

In a message sent to NAIJ.com, a Facebook user, Dan Ok writes on
what could happen to ethnic
minorities if Biafran Republic is

It is obvious that from the list of
states – Abia, Akwa Ibom,
Anambra, Bayelsa, Cross River,
Delta, Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo, Rivers
states, Igbanke in Edo State, Igala
in Kogi State, and Idoma in Benue state, Biafra is not only made up of
Igbo-speaking people but has
other varieties and diverse

Now back to the question of where
the other tribes will be kept if
Biafra is actualized. The relevance
of a thing is determined by the
role it plays at a certain time
especially in the face of difficulty. A man who sits and watches his
friends struggle to kill a bush meat
can never eat a fat share of such

This is simply the truth as his
friends might not even give him
any share in the meat but if given,
it will be out of bitterness and such
meat will not amount to anything.
No matter how generous those friends may be, the fact that he
was there, able and strong enough
to join them in the pursuit of the
bush meat but he did not, maybe
because he is a coward or he does
not see what his friends are doing as the right thing to do, they will
not see it nice at all giving him
anything out of the meat.

Looking at the three major
secessionist groups, their
leadership are all Igbos, their
membership are all Igbos and the
struggle over the years after the
Civil War have been carried on by mainly Igbos. I begin to wonder
where these people will place
other tribes especially Cross River
and Akwa Ibom if their dream is

The blood that has continued to
spill after the Civil War in pursuit
of Biafra is the blood of the Igbos,
those who have been wounded in
this after-war agitation are the
Igbos, those who have been arrested and made to suffer are
the Igbos, and those who are still
calling for a Sovereign State of
Biafra are the Igbos.

What makes any of the other
tribes constituting the non-
existing Biafran nation think that
its people will be kept in a better
place if this nation finally comes
true? You cannot detach the above sentiment from it. Or maybe you
can but an Igbo man or woman

There will always be questions like
“how many of them fought with
us?”, “how many of them
protested with us?” How many of
them were arrested?”, “how many
of them were killed?” and so on. The born-to-rule mentality will be
birthed inside the Igbos once the
nation of Biafra is achieved.

They will see themselves as the
sole owners of such a country.
Considering the level of greed in
the Igbo land and how power
hungry the Igbos are, they might
declare to be President of Biafra for more than a thousand years to
compensate them on the fight for
Biafra before any other tribe can
be President.

In fact, all other important
positions will be held only by the
Igbos. Let’s face reality, this feeling
or sentiment of “I did It alone or
we single-handedly did it” will
never be overlooked. Other tribes will be fighting to get positions.
The internal war that will come is
unpredictable. There will be a
strong feeling of Igbo superiority
over other tribes.

Other tribes will be made to be
inferior. Yes! This is so, because
the struggle is the Igbos’, it was
not supposed to be so, but it has
been made to be so; it has become
an Igbo thing and it will definitely become an Igbo nation if such
nation is actualized.

Let us not fool ourselves, let’s face
the truth. These guys will become
demigods if not gods in such a
nation. Following the struggle, we
can all see that it is only the Igbos
that are involved, but I wonder why they (Igbos) keep on carving
in other states or tribes into their
map when they know what they
will become if the achieve Biafra.

A keen follower of the struggle so
far should be concerned about the
question “what will be the place of
other tribes or ethnic groups in
the Sovereign State of Biafra?”

This article does not in any way
suggest my support for or my
stance against the struggle for the
independence of Biafra because
the UN has given everyone the
right to self -determination.

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