Fake Blind Beggar Caught In Lagos, Disgraced


The woman pictured above is not blind but has been pretending to be.

She poses as a blind woman and goes begging on the streets of Ita Oluwo, Ikorodu Lagos, with her son who guides her along as she begs.

She was caught red handed by the BAALE OF ITA OLUWO at Ita Oluwo Bus Stop.

She was caught sporting a nice hair style with the trending colourful hair attachments, which looked like it was recently made (about a day or two days old), with a phone, torch light and a huge amount of money in her possession and hadto confess, seeing that her gig was up.

She is Ope Azeez from Ede while the son piloting her around is Olalekan Sodiq.

They were disgraced by an angry mob who made them crawl on their knees as they rained abuses on them and rough handled them.

See video below:

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