A follower of Daddy Freeze called him gay and He replied


Daddy Freeze has replied a troll who questioned his sexuality on twitter, and folks on social media are not digging it.

Daddy Freeze has over years built a reputation as one who sharply replies anyone trying to bully him on social media and on this occasion, he did’t relent at all.

The radio personality who is known for his scathing attacks on church practices including tithing, didn’t hold back his anger when a follower of his on Twitter asked if he is gay.

When Daddy Freeze saw the question, he went into a rage and slammed his follower.

“Na your papa be gay” he fumed

Daddy Freeze replies follower

Daddy Freeze replies follower

Many social media users have wondered why a man of Daddy Freeze’s standing who preaches piety, can use such a language in correcting someone.

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