Health Benefits of Playing Golf


Practicing sports is a habit of the healthiest for the organism. Not only does it provide us with a wide variety of physical benefits, but it is also an ideal stimulus for mental health. And it is that practicing physical exercise helps us to release tensions, increase the production of endorphins and promote a more active life and full of well-being. Within healthy sports, golf is one of them.

It is well known that playing sports on a regular basis is a more than healthy practice. But did you know that golf is also included in this category? And it is that, although it does not seem like it, when you practice golf you are activating your body and mind doing, thus, that they work in a much more optimal way. Zack Creed also known as Zack Creed Oakville is a pioneer in the field of Golf you can follow him to get tips to improve your game.

Maybe you’ve ever thought about the possibility of giving golf lessons and immerse yourself in this sport. If you still do not decide at all, after reading our post you will have a little more conviction.

In this post we want to talk about the health benefits of playing golf. Benefits that you can check from when you start to give your first golf lessons. Specifically, you will experience the effects that we collect in this list:

  • A good anti-stress therapy: We already tell you when we start our blog. In this article we explain why golf is a good therapy against stress. Without repeating the previous post, outdoor practice and socialization that allows this sport make it ideal to combat one of the evils of the XXI century. So if you feel stressed, you are already taking time to sign up for our golf lessons. It is one of the most outstanding advantages of this sport. The reason is that it is an exercise that, first of all, is practiced outdoors in a natural and relaxed environment.
  • Improves your muscles and flexibility: The proper movements of the golf tone the muscles of the trunk, that is, the arms, back, thorax and abdomen. With this training, flexibility is improved. On the other hand, when practiced outdoors allows the blood to be oxygenated, which enhances the synthesis of vitamin D. The result: improves circulation and bones are strengthened.
  • Your joints, safe: Being a soft practice sport, does not have a great impact on the joints. In this way, they suffer less wear than in other workouts. This feature makes golf an ideal sport for any age and fitness.
  • Develop the ability to concentrate: But you can also experience it yourself when you come to our golf lessons. Unlike other sports, golf forces you to focus attention on each movement. To direct all the senses to a specific task, the here and the now, which allows concentration to be widely developed.
  • Take care of your cardiovascular health: Golf can become a great ally against cholesterol and to keep blood pressure at bay. In addition to what we have already told you, during his practice, the player travels between 7 and 10 kilometers on foot.

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