How To Buy A Good Used UK Laptop In Nigeria

used uk laptop

Buying a good used UK laptop is one thing every Nigerian want but how to get the best is always a problem.

Sometimes, why people go for used UK laptops differ but most a times it is a budget issue in the sense that the money to buy a new one is not there and at the end the best option is to settle for used ones or popularly called Tokunbo laptops.

Buying tokunbo laptops or used UK laptops in Nigeria, one needs to be extra careful so that he doesn’t buy problem or rubbish or Scrap.

In other to buy good used UK laptop or tokunbo laptops in Nigeria, one needs to do the following things:

1. Buy From Trusted Dealers Or Sellers:
The first thing to do is to buy from trusted sellers, people who will give you some months guarantee. And with an option to return it after 2weeks to a month if there is any problem. You can also buy from online platform like Sellvila

Although getting trusted dealers or sellers is not always an easy task and that is why one needs to make research online, ask questions on facebook and forums to know if a certain seller or dealer is trusted and can do good business. Sometimes it is always good to demand a testimony from people who have bought from such seller.

Never you buy from those boys who always stand on the road asking you what do you want to buy or telling you I have this or I have that.

2. Check The Buttons/Keyboard :
When you see a laptop that you want to buy, the first you check is the buttons such as the power Buttons, volume buttons and also check the keyboard if all the buttons are working very well.

The best way to check if all the buttons are working is to open a notepad and begin to press all the keys and if there is anyone not working you complain immediately or ask for another one.

3.Check The Screen, Flex and The Joints:

The next thing to do is to check the screen if it is OK and there is no scratches, the next is to check the joints if the screws are well tightened and also the flex if it is working in a good condition.

This part is very important, because if you make the mistakes of not checking them properly, you may end up buying something that can affect your usage.

4. Check the OS :
Check the operating system to make sure it is exactly what you want. This area will tell you know how many Gig Rams, and storage capacity the laptop has.

5 Check The USB port, Battery and Charging Port:
Check the battery , USB and charging port. Make sure that the system can charge.
Note: not all systems plugged to electricity can charge.
So you must check that the system you’re buying can charge and also retain charge for at most 2hrs.
Any system that can not charge and doesn’t retain charge for up-to 2hrs, please do not buy.

6. Make Sure All Drivers Are Driven:

This drivers act as a translator between the operating system and the hardware, without the drivers being installed, built in devices like UBS 3.0, Wi-Fi, touchpad and bluetooth will not work.

You can easily check if the drivers are not yet installed by following this steps:

a. Press the windows + E button
b. System properties
c. Device manager

Look out for any yellow sign, if there’s any then that part is not get driven and you need to talk to the seller to act on it.

7.Request For An Invoice, A Good Charger and Chord

The reason most laptop get damage is due to bad charger, when the charger get burnt it will affect the charging IC of the laptop and in some cases damage the motherboard which may result to buying a new motherboard or laptop.

Always ask for original charger in other to avoid unnecessary stories.

I have seen a situation where, an invoice is written without the serial number of the laptop, just writing the laptop configuration or seeing the office address is not enough, the serial number of the laptop is very important.

Make sure it is written on the invoice ,and it is correct.
You can locate the serial number at the back of the laptop, inside the battery compartment or setup menu.

The importance of making sure they write the correct details of the laptop is because of Police and in a situation the laptop has fault and you bring it back.
They will not be able to deny you buying it from them.

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