Improper timing and planning affected Olamide Live Concert In Lagos


The entertainment biz in Nigeria is something organisers need to take seriously. This is one reason why there ought to have been a re-think in Olamide Live in Concert 2017. As a BIG devotee of Olamide, I didn’t feel it that much since I know it’s his first time using a stadium for concerts. Well, here’s what Primetweets Pius Princewill thinks about the event.

The yearly concert which was held in Lagos at Teslim Balogun Stadium in Surulere on Sunday was an effective one yet it wasn’t what we were expecting. The stadium is around 24 thousand capacity and we were guaranteed by the organisers of 25 thousand fans however we couldn’t draw near to that sum for a major city like Lagos despite the fact that the event was thoroughly promoted.

The organisers of the event and Olamide himself haven’t said anything yet in regards to why it happened that way but we think it was wrong timing and planning that prompted the low turnout of fans.

We comprehend that the indigenous rapper, Olamide has such a large number of fans who might do anything just to watch him perform, however that doesn’t imply that it is every time they’ll be opportune to appear on occasions.

Organising a concert like this, you require three things to put into thought; the audience, the best date and time and the venue.

Olamide Live in Concert 2017 organizers neglected to comprehend that such an occasion isn’t fit to be done on a Sunday when individuals will be coming back from their places of worship of which they’d likely need a brief period to rest in the wake of bypassing Lagos traffic.

This could even make them frail to choose not going anyplace and perhaps when they even choose to go, another idea of being too late would come.

I understand that artists like Phyno got Nnamdi Azikiwe’s 22 thousand limit Stadium topped off in Enugu, but that is not Lagos. Things are different in Lagos. You should know the kind of fans you have in this city and read their minds. Indeed, even the way the city works, including traffic and insecurity issues.

What I think is that, since they needed a place to accommodate every one of his fans, they’d have likewise worked on the date and time as well as ticket fee as it is an open space.

If the event was held on a Friday, Saturday or even on Sunday towards evening, it would have been better. Holding occasions at Noon on a Sunday in an open place isn’t generally cool in a city like Lagos loaded with “I Too Big” individuals. Indeed, even the sun would frighten people off, not to talk of insecurity.

The Eko Hotel they typically use is a closed and well-secured place and it can’t be compared with an open 24 thousand capacity stadium like TBS.

The fans that will show up at Eko Hotel might not want to associate themselves with street touts coming to the stadium. I hope this is a lesson and next year will be better.

Take a look at what was expected below (Phyno’s concert):

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