Increase the Popularity of the Property in the Real Estate Portal

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Knowing the popularity of a property that you want to sell can give you a lot of valuable information on how to take your business to the next level. You can adapt to market trends, which is being more successful and above all, take advantage of the best strategies to sell online. However many people are unaware of the most appropriate methods to determine the success that certain properties can have. The relaxing thing is that doing the above is very easy; it’s just about applying fairly simple strategies that anyone can interpret, let’s see them.

How can you Measure the Popularity of any Site?

Some of the most important metrics to take into account if we want to know the popularity of a property are:

  • New users and Regular Users: it is the number of people who return to visit your page and the number of people who visit it for the first time. It is important to pay attention to this to determine if we are really attracting new prospects or are the same ones that are looking for updates on the page.
  • Sessions: refers to the level of return of people to your page, this means that they were interested in the content of your page and one of your properties has caught their attention.
  • Average Duration of the Session: it is the average amount of time that visitors to your page spend in it, in this sense, it is advisable to make the site easy and attractive so that the duration is adequate. If the person takes time to see the photos and read the file of a property at the right time, you can determine if they are really taking the necessary time and if so, it works. Something that is important to keep in mind is that all these metrics can be analyzed from any page of the site, that is, you can select any property and observe the traffic it is having.

Once you have the above information, one of the most accurate ways to calculate the popularity of a property, is also counting the number of people who request more information about this specific property. Remember that the best real estate portals have a contact button on each property card, so asking for one in particular becomes much easier for both our prospects and us.

Advantage of Knowing about Popularity of the Property:

Some real estate developer decide to dedicate themselves to certain specific properties, so knowing the ones with the best performance could give you clues to know your market. In addition, it may not be simply about the property but about the strategy you used so that it will get people’s attention. You can guide yourself from the most popular properties to take similar photographs and descriptions in the others and thus improve, with data that you already checked, the entire website. In Canada, a real estate developer is rocking the real estate industry by making the tallest building in the entire Toronto, which is still under construction and named as The One.


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