The oldest civilization of our planet was build up in India. In ancient period there was a valley called the Indus Valley and those are lived in the Valley known as Indian. India name comes from the Indus Valley. Letter in Vedic period the Hindu religion and caste system develop in India.

India has one of the richest cultural heritage of the earth. Those culture become more develop in last 70 years after getting freedom from England. India is known as sub-continent because all of states carries different language, culture.

Now more than 1.34 Billion people live in all over 29 states in India. Each state have their own culture, language, costume, food. This diversity itself is the pride of India. Those cultural difference mainly based on the geographical position. That’s why each states have their own food and cloth identity. Not only cloth the traditional jewellery also different.

India has at least 9 different recognized religion. Each of them have own festivals in several time in a year. The most pride thing is that every religion can enjoy others festival. If we talking about marriage, the procedure is different from each and every religion, not only religion the deference can apply each states also.

Each states also have variation of music and dance genres. Through music and dance we can understand their thoughts. Because we all know that music and dance are results of our thoughts. String, Percussion, wind instrument those are most commonly use in traditional music. There are lots of traditional dance forms. Kathak, Manipuri, Bharatanatyam, Kochipuri, Odissi those are popular dance forms in India. Music and dance make a vital role in moral less every movies. Every state have their own movie Industry according to their culture and language.

It is true India have lots of variation in every kind of things, but one thing is common to everyone that they connected to each other emotion. The name of this emotion is India.




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