Keep Your Glass Walls Clean: 5 Interior Glass Solutions

Interior Glass Solutions

Annoyed by Streaky and dusty glass walls? Attaining the perfect shine is often seen as a hard nut to crack. But worry not for here are some five pro tips and Interior Glass Solutions to help you get your glass wall sparkling:

1 – Make rubber your pal

Don’t get stunned if you are thinking about how this just a little tool can help you clean the glasses. The unwanted streaks which are left even after a lot of wiping irk many. This magic instrument can assist you to have fewer re-wipes.

The long length of rubber holder is preferable. As this has the advantage of reaching up to unreachable high places of the glass windows. Plus the longer bar means less force required by the cleaner. Arrays of rubbers are available in the local market. But the process can be made more effortless by opting for the right kind of squeegee.

2 – Opting for other fluids

Water is god and an ultimate glass purifier. But one cannot underestimate the power of vinegar among the rest of the fluids. This cheap liquid practically cost nothing but with its super fighting nature. Acetic acid is best suitable for outdoor Glass Balustrades and glass walls. A 50-50 Interior Glass Solutions of water and vinegar can produce a streak-free glass wall.

It can also mirror your reflection if diluted and rubbed in the right way. The results can be enhanced with the use of distilled water.

3 – Suit your Interior Glass Solutions

You should not limit yourself to the conventional methods only like cotton swabs, old clothes. It may come as a surprise but the weather also affects the degree of cleanliness of the glass. If you are cleaning the glasses on a sunny day then chances are that you will end up with greater streaks as compared to a cloudy day.

The reason being early drying up of the glass cleanse. This causes the residues and other particles to dry along too. So, for a dazzling streak-free gleam it is suggested to look after for the external conditions too.

4 – Newspapers yay or nay?

Are you among the majority who use newspapers and towels for the glass walls? Well, these two are the eventual choice of many. But the paper towels in specific leave fuzzy particles behind. If the newspaper is not much inky then it can be a great choice. While for some reason if it is then you can always resort to gloves. The other good alternate options can be any microfiber cloth for the final buffing process.

5 – Good-Bye to soaps?

The suds get involved when using the soapy substance like detergents or actual soaps for cleaning purposes. But in some cases, stubborn grease and stains force you to use them. But that is totally and truly understandable. The real deal is how to minimize the suds after it? The residues and the streaks that suds leave are denser. It will take you around 1-2 extra wipes of distilled water to attain a crystal clear glass surface.

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