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From The Perspective Of Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg agree on

The key to starting a successful business starts from having a good idea that can solve a problem, having this idea and making it to be a success is one thing. But then what is success or been successful ?

The achievement of one’s aim or goal in life is been defined as success. One can really take control of his or her life and succeed, but unfortunately life does not come with a manual. Most people struggles through life and wonder why they never get anywhere, some due to circumstances breakdown along the struggle, some end up believing they were created to be unsuccessful and it is only few who never gave up ends up been successful and happy for the rest of their life.

Been successful doesn’t necessarily mean money or wealth but been happy and satisfied in whatever business you’re doing, and we all know that the endup product of every successful man is money or wealth as the case may be.

To become successful in business, life, relationship or every aspect of life takes self discipline. People who are unsuccessful are those who never understood what self discipline is all about.

Let’s take a look at human beings in general, when ever a new year is approaching, almost Everybody will lineup their new year resolution, something they intend to achieve before the new year runs up, but the truth is only about 10% achieve this which is as a result of self discipline. These 10% never gave up, they are able to differentiate between pleasure and work, they have time for everything, they don’t mix things up.

Virgin Group founder Richard Branson knows how to run a company.

Since dropping out of school at age 16 to start his first business, Branson has overseen hundreds of companies. Along the way, he’s accumulated a fortune of approximately $5 billion.

The entrepreneur says the secret to success in the business world is simple: “It doesn’t matter who you are, entrepreneurship boils down to having a good idea and being resourceful enough to turn it into a reality.

“Questions like ‘where did you go to school?’ rarely have a place in entrepreneurship — it’s all about bringing ideas, with the power to change things, to life.”

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg agrees.

“The best companies that get built are things that are trying to drive some kind of social change, even if it’s just local in one place,” he says in an interview with Y Combinator.

People often start a company simply to start a company, or because they want to make a lot of money or have a bunch of people working for them. “That feels really backwards to me,” Zuckerberg says. “Start with the problem that you’re trying to solve in the world.”

Don’t identify any random problem, the Facebook co-founder emphasizes. Pick something you truly feel passionate about. “For anyone who’s had the experience of actually building a company, you know that you go through some really hard things along the way, and I think part of what gets you through that is believing in what you’re doing.”

“And that,” he says, “is how the best companies end up getting made.”

In conclusion, starting a successful business or becoming a successful entrepreneur, the key factor one must consider is developing a good idea, and the idea must be a solution to an already existing problem. If you bring an already made solution then, you have not solved a problem.

You must not be an inventor or a manufacturer or a scientist or have a University degree before you can be provide solutions to any problem. Look around your community, there are 1001 problems that are not visible you can identify and solve.

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