latest Happenings in Banking Industry


Today we are going to be discussing the latest happenings in the banking industry, starting from online banking to offline banking. What you need to know and how to go about it in case you decides to run any form of business with any bank.

During the last century, the banking industry was not developed to what it is today. I remember very well when my dad used to tell me how he travels miles to save and withdraw money from his bank then. And during their period, there was nothing like computer in the bank, all the bank had was a big register that contains the name and amount of money every individual deposits or deposited and how much he or she wants to withdraw.

But today, with introduction of different technologies in the world, the banking industry was not left behind.

Now we have banks all over the country, with ATM every corner of the cities enabling easy and faster transactions.

ATM is not just the only new development, we also have mobile banking or online banking where with access to internet we can do money transactions from our comfort using our PC or mobile phone.

Now let’s look at the latest happenings in the banking industry

The latest happenings in the banking industry is what we call online banking with the recent introduction of Alat by Wema bank PLC, a system that enables you to open an account at home and request for your ATM and it gets to you without stress. Your job is just to fund your account and begin to use it. Wema bank is also not the only bank that are doing similar thing , others are doing their own via dialing some codes and sending it in order to get started.

It is to this effect that The Page Magazine group has decided to launch a new online platform called ibankings, where every thing you need to know and how to reduce your stress while banking is been discussed and presented to you as it happens.

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